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Where To Find Inspiration When Innovating Your Home

by TimeWithThea
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When you want to change your home in look, design, or utility, there’s a certain creativity you need to have. That creativity that leads to good decision making is powered by inspiration. Some people are just brimming with ideas at all times, but that doesn’t mean everyone is always going to have such an easy time of it. If you’re feeling like your head is an empty book when it comes to interior design ideas, it’s good to know where to find a little inspiration.

Think needs

It’s simple enough. What does your home lack that you really need? Are you lacking a space where you can focus and get work done? Is it feeling too claustrophobic and could use changes to open up more space? Is it too dark, necessitating a new window or a brighter colour scheme? Figure out the features you really want to have in your home and start from there. There’s a good chance that your needs might not be enough to justify a full renovation, but thinking about them first is going to ensure that you don’t forget anything important, at least.

Think mood

Design needs and décor wants are two entirely different things, of course. If you know the kind of mood or the general look you want the home to attain but you don’t know the steps that are going to get you there, then getting interior design advice from someone with industry experience might be a good idea. Sometimes we just don’t know enough about the different designs, the different brands, and even the different terms out there to fully articulate our wants. Looking to the experts for help can make that much easier.

Think money

If you’re redesigning your primary residence and not an investment home, then thinking about home value first and foremost isn’t the most sensible approach. Your subjective experience should matter more than objective cash value. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider looking at the renovations that help you achieve both at the same time. For instance, focusing on curb appeal, or fitting in a new kitchen or bathroom can help you add value both as far as the market’s concerned and as far as you’re concerned.

Think exploration

If you really don’t have any ideas, then perhaps it might be time to start exploring and finding what styles really appeal to you. There are a lot of places on the internet to find inspiration for any kind of design, any kind of mood, and any room. But Pinterest is perhaps the best place to both browse and collate all these ideas at once and there are some great home decor accounts worth following. Create your own design boards that can help you put together your individual tastes piece by piece. You can pin any image you find on any site or social media network, too.

The more sources you look at, the more experts you consult, and the more you think about your needs and wants, the easier it becomes to find that inspiration. Before too long, you’ll have more ideas than you can realistically implement.

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