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What Sort Of Person Are You? Find Your Ideal Job Here!

by TimeWithThea
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No matter who you are, you’ve probably had a few moments where you’ve wondered about your future career and started to panic. Even if you’re already doing your ideal job that you enjoy, you might not want to do it for your entire life – because let’s face it, the process of growing up is a lot longer than you might have realised when you were a little kid, and as you get older, you start to realise that a lot of people just haven’t figured it all out yet. But if you’re looking for the next step in life and looking for the ideal job, here are a few tips to help you figure it out…

If You’re A Caring Person…

Teachers definitely have one of the hardest jobs in the world – but also one of the most satisfying. Working with kids can be exhausting, and sometimes it might feel a little more like attempting to control a crowd instead of imparting your subject knowledge to them, but it’s one of the most important jobs in the world. Shaping the young minds that will go onto be the leaders of tomorrow is crucial, and teaching goes far beyond multiplication tables and subordinate clauses: teachers show young people how to treat each other, how to behave well in certain environments, they provide a feeling of safety and security that not all children get at home. It’s one of the most important jobs.

Nurses definitely don’t get as much respect as they deserve – they’re often seen as a step down from doctors, but the truth is that they’re just as important, but they just have a different role. Nursing includes tasks like giving meds to patients and monitoring their progress – but it also involves holding a scared elderly person’s hand, distracting a baby so that an exhausted mom can get some sleep – nursing involves looking after patients in much more than a medical sense.

Carers don’t have the most glamorous ideal job in the world but they are absolutely crucial to us as a civilised society. Everyone ages, everyone gets old – in fact, we have an ageing population which means as time goes by, carers will be even more crucial to take care of our old people. From providing them with someone to talk to and share memories with, to helping them out with more physical parts of their every day lives like washing and getting dressed, carers help elderly people to be and feel safe and to live their lives with as much dignity and love as possible.

Social workers definitely have a difficult job sometimes, but it’s also absolutely crucial – they protect the most vulnerable members of our society. Not everyone can get it right all the time and social workers are definitely called on to make hard decisions like taking kids away from their biological families, but equally they’re incredibly valuable in terms of child protection and making sure that people get the care that they need in order to work together and become cohesive, happy families. Not everyone is equipped to easily handle their lives – social workers can identify those people and provide them with the help they need to lead healthy lifestyles.

If You’re An Active Person…

Personal trainers get to spend their entire lives keeping fit and working to help other people do the same thing, spreading their skills and knowledge to enable people to take control of their lives and get fit and healthy. From devising personal fitness plans to helping people work out how to eat the right foods to stay energetic and trim at the same time, personal trainers work closely with their clients to help them turn their entire lives around. 

Physical education teachers are often some of the most inspirational people at schools. From coaching sports teams to helping kids figure out how to stay healthy in their own lives, PE teachers are often role models and incredibly important figures in the lives of young people. You’ll also gain the skills and expertise that you might need to coach other sports teams outside of school time – passing on your skills to other people is one of the most satisfying things you can do, and learning to identify and nurture young sporting talent is something that can genuinely change the lives of students and young people. A lot of them will also feel as though they can talk to you and get close to you, so you’ll be able to help them on a more personal level too.

Chefs need plenty of energy to work their long shifts and to produce top notch work even at the end of a busy shift when the kitchen is unbearably hot and there are people shouting commands all around them. If you thrive under pressure, working as a chef is something that you could absolutely do – but of course you also need a knowledge and love of food as well. Many chefs demonstrate this passion from a very young age, so if you spent your youth reading about and trying to perfect your French patisserie skills or making your way intrepidly through your mom’s spice rack, then being a chef might just be the ideal job for you. Just remember that the hours are long and the work is very highly pressured – but it’s also incredibly satisfying to be able to work hard on something that you love.

Salespeople often need to have the same sort of energy levels as a Duracell bunny – they’re always switched on, always looking for new opportunities, and always ready with a bright smile and the drive to keep moving and to make sales. Making sales isn’t just about reeling off all the great qualities of what you want to sell – it’s also about learning to communicate with people and making human connections with them. This is especially important if you work in a small company, where customer service is the key thing that you have over bigger companies – it’s important to pay attention to your clients and to respond intelligently to what they need from you. Being flexible and able to think on your feet are also important skills for this role.

If You’re An Intellectual Person…

Professors tend to work for a very long time in their field – and for many of them, even when they reach the absolute top of it, they still might not earn great money. That means that if you want to be a professor and an academic in your chosen area, you need to do it for love and passion of the subject area alone. It’s that love and passion, and that intellectual curiosity, that will drive you through years of being a professor. You’ll also get to work with younger students, from undergraduates to people doing their PhDs which means that you’ll get to further investigate the subjects that you love and develop your own knowledge more and more as time goes by.

Journalists can range hugely, from the ones who write huge screeds about what Victoria Beckham’s wearing and whether Harry Styles’s new album is any good, to journalists who write columns about their families and how to be a good parent, to writers who follow politics and the elections closely, to investigative journalists delving into corrupt governments in far flung places in the world. If you have a lot of curiosity and tenacity, then journalism might just be a good area for you to go into – although of course you need to be aware that it isn’t always the easiest ideal job. If you’re reporting from war zones, you’ll be in a lot of physical danger, but you’ll also be able to provide your country with essential information that can make some real changes to people’s lives.

Novelists have what many people would think of as an ideal job. A lot of us think we could write a novel if only we had the time, but the difference between those people and ‘real’ novelists is not necessarily talent – it’s that novelists made the time to sit down and to work on their books and had the tenacity to get to the end and complete their work, which is a lot easier said than done. If you want to become a novelist, the most important thing that you can do is to keep reading to learn more and more about your craft, focusing both on the genre that you’re interested in and on books by other authors from which you can learn world building and how to write well.

Scientists can change the world. From developing medications that will help people with HIV to lead full and happy lives to developing systems that will help bring water to remote African villages, scientists can save lives with their work. It can sometimes be a solitary profession, but it’s also crucial to keep our world running smoothly.

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