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What shoes should I wear with a gold dress?

by TimeWithThea
gold dress

Gold dresses & skirts whether glittery or matte, are fun, original & a great choice for a New Year’s, bridal party & formal soirees. Oh heck, these will work on any day you’re feeling la-DI-DA too! However, a dress or outfit can definitely be a little tricky to style in a fashionable way with certain color shoes & accessories. How to wear a gold dress is highly dependent on the tone of the gold in the dress. For instance, certain gold fabrics have a more yellow or orange tinge to them.

gold dress

Others can be a little or a lot cooler, almost beige-like, often bordering on a silvery hue. Some golds are also a darker, antique-like golds, while others are much brighter. And let’s not even talk about rose gold!! Gold tones are complicated, ladies!

For our purposes today, I’m going to be talking about most shades of yellow-based gold dresses, both dark and light. Most gold skirts and dresses tend to be a more yellow-a gold, although there’s a distinct trend leaning towards silver/gold hybrids.

But in terms of shoe color suggestions to pair with your gold outfits, you’ll find that most of the shoe selection below will also work well with most gold tones, even dark, brassier golds & cooler hues.

We’ll leave out pink-is golds, which align more with blush & beige tones of dress, for another day. And I plan to write a post on how to shoe style that color, very soon!

Gold Dress + Black Shoes

Black shoes with gold dress? Ha, of course, this one’s the easiest, as black shoes literally go with every color dress or outfit under the sun & moon! What I really like about pairing black heels or booties with a gold dress of any shade is the stark contrast between the bright metallic vs. the deep dark shoe. One of those rare times where black shoes really do make a statement!

Styling Tip: if the gold you’re wearing a fully sparkly or glittery outfit, I’d opt for a pair of matte black suede shoes. This way, shiny shoes won’t be competing with the dress’ dazzle. Clutch choice here is easy: black or gold! If you’re curious, I’ve written a post on what other shoes to wear with sequin dresses in general too.

Gold Dress or Skirt with Black Tights + Black Shoes

If you’re looking for an alternative way to wear your black shoes with a gold dress, then hosiery is a great way to go! Opt for either black opaque tights or semi-sheer for any occasion.

A thick black tight or legging is an easy add-on to turn your fancy dress or skirt into a fun upscale casual to wear even as an office outfit. I mean, even if New Year’s Eve has come & gone, no need to let that pretty gold garment collect dust in your wardrobe, now ladies!

Styling Tip: when it comes to shoes & black tights styled with a gold dress or skirt, matte black shoes work with all types of stockings.

Booties or ankle boots are a fun, less formal way to style an outfit too. As for other accessories, I’d opt for a black purse or clutch, but you can also go for a beige one or alternatively a cobalt blue colored one to give the outfit some extra punch!

Gold Dress + Gold Shoes

Gold shoes do look rather fantastic with gold, especially if it’s a fancy dress you’re wearing or chi chi event you’re going to.

Best to match the gold of the shoe with the exact tone or at least one gold tone that can be found in your dress or skirt! Believe it or not, gold is also an unexpected color shoes to wear with a silver dress as well.

Styling Tip: You can match your bag with the lightest or darkest hue in your dress as a rule of thumb. If your dress is light and/or pale gold, a bronze clutch is fun choice too! Of course, black clutches will never go out of style. But when you’re wearing gold shoes with a full-on dress, I’d steer away from gold purses to avoid gold outfit overload!

White, Off-White Shoes + Gold dress

Some would prefer beige or blush shoes with their gold dress, but I much rather choose an off-colored or bright white. Less contrasting than wearing a black shoe, opting for white shoes with a gold dress really does allow your gold frock or skirt to shine without the distraction of say, that black shoe would cause.

White shoes work absolute best when while also appears somewhere on your dress, like in the picture above to the left. Then again, if you have a two-tone dress with gold & blush in it, matching the blush to your shoes will look great too (especially when thinking bridal occasions).

Styling Tip: I love a black clutch added into the style mix of a gold dress & white shoe outfit best. A white purse would just be too forced of a match for my tastes, but it could work in some circumstances. Never say never!

Gold Dress + Red Shoes

I love gold and red paired together! A gold dress with either burgundy or bright red heels will look stunning. And most surprising.

If your dress or skirt is a saturated yellow gold, poppy red shoes will look amazing, as in the image above on the right. The paler golds that border on silver look fab with a dark red shoe too.

Styling Tip: If your red shoes have another color in them, pick that hue for your clutch! If not, you can never go wrong with black, bronze or gold in this outfit scenario.

Gold Dress + Silver Shoes

I’m a little on the fence about this one, but I’ve seen many examples of gold outfits with silver shoes that look amazing. Like in the images above. Silver shoes with gold dresses work best with two-tone metallic dresses or gold frocks with silver/crystal embellishments.

They will also look fab with almost all light, almost silver metallic fabrics. That’s why silver perfectly answers the “what color shoes to wear with grey dress” question too.

Styling Tip: Keep your purse in the metallic family & I suggest silver, especially to a formal event. Accessorise with a beige or black clutch if you prefer a less flashy look.

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