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Ways to uplift your wooden garden fence

by TimeWithThea

With spring here, summer is only a few weeks away. This means the garden will be our main attraction. I’ve got the paddling pool ready for the kids and Pimm’s ready for me. I can’t wait to spend time outside enjoying the sun and making the most out of our little outdoor space. If you are like me and love spending time outdoors, I’m pretty sure that you also like it to be looking its best. 

For me, even though the garden is outside, it’s as important as any indoor room and it should be taken care of as any other room in the house. This includes mowing the lawn, pressure washing the patio and taking care of the garden fence. 

The garden fence is much more than a wooden fence that acts as a barrier to your home boundaries – a garden fence provides privacy, keeps pets out of trouble and can be a decorative aspect of your outdoors. How can a wooden garden fence be decorative? You might be asking. That’s what I’m going to talk about today! Wooden garden fences don’t have to be simply functional and boring; garden fences can be both practical and stylish. 

Before getting into the decorative elements, it’s also important to touch on how to improve your fence so it lasts longer and can withstand the elements better. Speedy Fixings recommends adding post shoes to your wooden posts in order to add more support to the garden fence. Speedy Fixings’ post shoes are available in various sizes and designs. Post shoes can also protect wooden posts from water and insect damage, so it’s a win-win situation!

Go dark.

Dark fences are bold, elegant and will transform any garden into a modern space that makes your greenery stand out. Gold is Neutral believes that the failsafe way to revive a tired garden fence or shed is to paint it black. She’s painted her garden shed and fence black and does not regret that decision! 

Go light. 

Even though, as Rock My Style says, lighter colours may need more maintenance than a regular stain or dark garden paint, these will still look stunning in your garden. A traditional look that will make your garden look fresh, clean and beautiful.

Go for colourful.

This article on Ideal Home recommends updating “an old fence with new season trends with a splash of paint, creating a feature wall within your garden.  Try creating an ombre effect by choosing several colours in the same paint family.” A wooden garden fence doesn’t have to be painted in a single colour, choose some of your favourite colours and have fun with it!

Add flowers.

The best way to add colour to anything is to add some greenery and flowers. Go for some climbing plants, add some colourful hanging plant pots… the choices are endless! 

Original glow.

You might prefer a low-maintenance wooden garden fence, and that’s okay too. Staining the wooden fence to give the wood its original look, it’s a great way to give your wooden garden fence a refreshed look. The Gold Hive shared how she refreshed her own fence in this blog post. From clearing the landscaping to pressure washing the fence and then painting it with a transparent weather proofing sealer in dark brown to give the wood its original glow – it looked stunning!

How are you going to uplift your garden fence?

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