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Unforgettable Holiday Destinations You Should Add To Your Bucket List

by TimeWithThea

Many people have a bucket list of some form, don’t they? The list of destinations all over the world they simply want to see at some point. The experiences, the memories you might get to make, it is one of those things people can spend ages daydreaming about. However, there always seems to be a common theme in terms of bucket lists. They include destinations like the USA, including some of the popular states like Los Angeles or New York. You have Australia and even New Zealand, thanks to the distance of them and the iconic sights on offer. However, it is a big world out there and while those destinations are worth seeing, I wanted to share with you some of the others you could consider adding to your bucket list.


China is one of Asia’s largest countries, and so i could be here all day stating some of the best destinations to visit. However, I thought I would highlight a few which could tempt you to adding this country onto your bucket list. Of course you have the capital of Beijing, which is a vibrant metropolis waiting to be explored. But there is one thing you should definitely do if you are making the trip and that is to see and walk part of the Great Wall Of China. An iconic wonder of the world that can actually be seen from space, would you believe? You also have Shanghai to see and the getting the chance to eat and experience authentic Chinese food. What isn’t to love?

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a central American country that has coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. It has some amazing locations to see, not to mention some of the world most beautiful protect rainforest regions. You could start your journey at the Courtyard San Jose Airport Alajuela which gives you the ideal gateway to the capital of San Jose where you can experience the Pre-Columbian Gold museum. Not to mention the fabulous beaches that Costa rica is famed for. It may not be an obvious choice, but it certainly won’t disappoint.


Iceland is one of those destinations you have to see at least once. It has a rugged landscape which is fabulous and, depending on the time of year you go, you may also get to see the famous Northern Lights, which is breathtaking. Iceland also has a bustling capital city called Reykjavik which is known for fantastic bars and restaurants. It may be a different type of holiday to experience, but it will certainly be one that is unforgettable.


Canada is such a large country that again I could probably write a separate blog post all about the fabulous destinations but to entice you to consider it I will just name a few. First of all, if outdoor pursuits is your thing then you have the fabulous British Columbia regions which offers some of the best hiking and biking trails you can find. Vancouver or Toronto are some of the most popular cities that can really give you a holiday to reeber.

I hope that this has given you some food for thought when it comes to your bucket list.

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