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Transform your garden shed into a family games room

by TimeWithThea

Why am I thinking of a family games room when the restrictions are lifting and the weather is getting warmer? Yes, with the restrictions lifting and the good weather is making an appearance but if there is something we learnt from this whole situation is that we can’t really be sure of anything. 

Instead of making holiday plans that might get rolled over to next year, we are thinking of investing in family time. We’ve always wanted to create a games room where we could enjoy some good quality family time together. Plus, a room like this can double up as an entertainment room for friends and other guests. 

It was at this point that we started to talk about where we would create a games room. Attic? Garage? Unfortunately, we do not have a spare room hanging about that we can easily transform into a games room. But do you know what we do have? A nicely sized garden shed. Bingo!

For some tips on how to create the perfect games room, we’ve partnered up with Hamilton Billiards, snooker table manufacturers, who have the experience and expertise to talk about all things games related. 

  • Start by decluttering your shed.

Is your shed full of rubbish? No judging here. Ours is too. It’s where we store things that we are not sure if we will use but are not really to let them go yet. However, it’s time to get rid of all that clutter now. Assort your belongings in three piles – give to charity, throw away and sell. 

  • Plan and brainstorm ideas.

Don’t grab your paintbrush so fast. Now, it’s time to plan. As Scrapbook Blog mentions, “before you start moving furniture around and painting walls, start by brainstorming some ideas and writing down your favourite patterns, colours, games that you’d like to include in the room.” I’d recommend creating a mood board so you can visualise your ideas and how they work together. 

  • Think about the games.

What games are you going to have in your games room? Traditional games, modern games or a mix of both? This article on Lamb and Bear comments on the importance of traditional games. It shares that traditional games can help kids develop essential skills, such as respect, cooperation, creativity, teamwork, strategy and social skills. And I couldn’t agree more! I absolutely love traditional games – give me a good board game or a pool table and I’ll be happy. Speaking about pool tables, Hamilton Billiards doesn’t only make and supply snooker tables, they also have a variety of pool tables for sale, so make sure to check them out!

House Beautiful recommends converting a corner for chess. “If you have less space to work with or you fancy a more cerebral kind of game corner, create a stylish nook for chess matches.” In case you want to add some more modern games, a games console is always a good addition!

  • Make it special.

Your shed is clean, your games have been ordered. Now, it’s time to paint your interiors, find the right accessories and make the room come to life. Fashion Mommy mentions that if you are on a budget, look at second-hand furniture and accessories that you can upcycle, this way you can save money and make the furniture perfectly suit your style.

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