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Top 10 Sites for Design Resources and Fonts

by TimeWithThea

People are drawn to visual elements, no matter where they are found or positioned. Our eyesight is the most important and used sense we have, and we are tempted to make judgments based on what we see. We are automatically drawn by beautiful color schemes, interesting visual elements, and nice pictures. So, if you want your project to be successful, you’ll need to take good care of this aspect.

But what can you do when you have no knowledge and skills in the digital design domain? The great news is that you don’t need any skills whatsoever because you can find everything you need in a very convenient manner. Whether you are a student and you have a project in hand, you’re a teacher looking to improve classes, a designer, the owner of a website, business, or craftsperson, the application domains of design elements and fonts are limitless. With the resources listed below, you’ll be able to save time and money while taking care of the visual part of your activity. Explore them and see just how easy it is to build an attractive and pleasant presence, no matter where you go and what you do.

  • Font Squirrel

If you need special fonts, you’ll easily find them on Font Squirrel. They are free of charge and quite diverse, suiting the needs of very many users. If you plan to use them for a website, it’s worth mentioning that some of the fonts come accompanied by commercial licenses. This way, you won’t run into trouble when using them.

  • Paaatterns

Paaatterns is a solution for those in search of a quick fix. This website provides abstract design elements, which can be successfully used to improve the look of a background or a business card, for instance. So, if you want a minimalist appearance, this is the place to be.

  • Design Cuts

Creating the desired design, according to your needs and creativity, is not difficult at all when you have the right tools in hand. And when it comes to resources for designers, artists, or anyone looking to get creative, Design Cuts is probably one the best websites to visit. The variety of tools and toolkits is generous and impressive, and more than capable of answering all kinds of tastes and needs. 

  • DesignBundles

It doesn’t matter what kind of design elements you’re looking to find because DesignBundles has everything. Starting with a wide variety of fonts and going to icons, illustrations, and more, this website is packed with all the elements that will turn your project into a work of art. You can even enjoy complex packages that contain a wide array of elements ready to be used. This is a great alternative to Design Cuts you can use, for an attractive and effective managing of your project.

  • FontBundles

It is very hard not to find the font you need when visiting FontBundles because this place really has them all. You can really make your design projects look amazing, your invitations flawless, your presentations stunning, or simply let your creativity run free as you come up with the ideal design for your website. If you want a better alternative to My Fonts, this solution will have you covered.

  • TheHungryJPEG

Whether you need clipart, images, graphics, and more, you can enjoy them for free on this platform as well. A good number of them come with commercial licenses as well, just in case you need them for public display. This is something worthy of your consideration especially when you run a business or looking to put together a marketing campaign.

  • FontSpace

Using the right fonts can indeed speak a lot about who you are, your personality, and the activity you unroll. And because attention to detail can make a difference, it is certainly worth finding the best fonts to go with your project. Considering that FontSpace has a database containing more than 32,000 fonts, free of any charge, you’ll have a rather generous offer to consider for your needs.

  • Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts is pretty much a library of free fonts, which can be used by anyone. The options available are quite diverse and easy to get. You just have to press a download button once you find the font you like the most. However, you may want to check the font’s commercial purpose before doing that, unless you’re taking the font for personal use only.

  • Ionicons

Having a set of icons available at your disposition can turn out to be very useful when creating a website or mobile application. Icons are the ideal solution when you need to save space while letting people know what the button is all about. So, instead of creating a button with a message on it, you use an icon. If you select the right symbol, everybody will know what comes next if they select that particular button.

  • HueSnap

Colors are just as important as graphic elements and pictures. In fact, choosing the right color palette can determine the degree of success your project or website is going to enjoy. Our eyesight reacts differently at colors and each color sends out a message, based on the selected hue. Having said all these, check out HueSnap and see which color palette works best in your case.


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