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Tips for Finding the Ideal Venue for Your Wedding or Party

by TimeWithThea

Booking the right venue for a wedding or party is probably one of the most important steps of the event. Without an adequate venue, you won’t be able to enjoy the event you dream about. Besides making sure the venue looks as desired and provides all the services you need, there are other details you need to consider. To make sure you find the perfect venue that will guarantee an unforgettable event, it is worth reading the following tips and pieces of advice.

  • When to start looking for a venue?

In the case of planning for a wedding or party, most certainly you have a particular date in mind. If you don’t have it just yet, you will have to set it as soon as possible, as all venue managers will ask you about it. Then, once you know the ideal date, you will have to start looking for a venue. The best venues get booked rather fast, some even one year earlier than the date of the event, so you should postpone this for too long. If you want to make sure you have a perfect venue booked for your event, start searching right away.

Many people postpone this part because looking for a venue takes time and effort. But, instead of driving around and losing precious time in traffic, you can choose a different method. Looking for party or wedding venues online is certainly a time saver. Also, there’s the possibility to book a venue online as well, if you’re certain it’s the one. For instance, one single website can connect you with all the available venues in your area at the click of a button. It doesn’t matter what kind of event or gathering you want to organize because Square Meal has an answer for everything.

  • What to check before booking a venue?

There are quite a few extremely important aspects that must be ticked before you decide to book a venue. So, make sure to check them out as follows:

  1. What’s the location of the venue?

The location of a venue is very important, as it may mean reaching the venue in a comfortable manner or not. You will have to consider your guests for this one, at least most of them. Even if you dream about a wedding on the beach, making 300 guests travel to the seaside is a rather serious complication. So, it is worth making sure the location is not that far, is convenient in terms of accessibility, and transportation options can be easily found. Also, consider sharing the location with your guests with the help of a mobile app, once you send out the invitations.

  • What’s the capacity of the venue?

You need to make sure that all your guests will fit inside the venue, without them feeling cramped. For this, you need to have an approximate number of guests that might attend your event. Then, look for a venue that can accommodate all of them, while still allowing sufficient room to move. In other words, make sure the venue is slightly larger than the number of guests you will have.

  • Does it have a parking lot? If yes, how large is it?

It is also very important for an event venue to have a parking lot. Without it, it will be quite difficult for your guests to park their cars, in case they choose to travel this way. So, if it is possible, go for a venue that has a parking lot sufficiently large to accommodate a good number of cars. If the parking lot is small or inexistent, suggest your guests a different traveling option, like taking a cab, limo or Uber car.

  • What kind of services and amenities are available?

Before booking a venue, it is definitely worth checking the available services and amenities. You will have to see what you get for your money and what other additional services you will have to find elsewhere. For example, is there a kitchen at the venue or does the venue offer catering services? Does it offer chairs, tables, and linens you can use for the event? Will someone clean the venue, before and after the event? You need to know what the venue will offer, so you’ll know what other service providers to look for.

  • How’s the ambiance of the venue?

The ambiance of the venue consists of decorations, architecture, and interior design. Take a good look at such details as well, checking to see if it needs further improvements or if it can be used as it is.

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