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Thierry Mugler Alien Eau de Parfume – Review

by TimeWithThea
Thierry Mugler Alien

What I admire about the Mugler brand, besides its perfumes, is the fact that it assumes risks with every edition, something that many designers can’t afford to do anymore: to offer creative and daring perfumes. You either like them, or you don’t, there’s no other way. Thus, in the landscape of cute perfumes, all in the same key, Mugler creations always distinguish themselves as something else and, as far as it can be noticed, they tend to stay this way. Thierry Mugler Alien makes no exception to this rule. It is a special perfume that doesn’t stop to amaze me even today, every time I wear it.

I believe that this is a very special trait very few perfumes gain: to constantly surprise you, even after years of wearing them. So, should we each make a list? How many would you write down, the kind that still manages to charm and disturb you today as they did in “day one”? You can never get bored of Thierry Mugler Alien. If you like it. I can very well understand why you DON’T like it. It has a sort of jasmine with an artificial glow, like a neon, as many would say. A synthetic note is mega-ultra-hyper amplified, which some adore, while others don’t. A surreal scent is born, truly unearthly, its name being well-chosen (it’s not like I enjoy saying that I smell like a green Martian, but I do forgive it for it).

The perfume is woody-dry and doesn’t change too much in time. The cashmeran gives it a woody structure, the entire concept relying on it and the high-tech jasmine. The amber, as of intensity, is much more reserved than the other two notes, but perceptible. As much as you can feel it, the amber offers a sort of pleasant warmth and appears like the other natural, earthly source. Thierry Mugler Alien is very concise and direct, and it is said that it smells the same on everybody, which is something debatable in the case of other perfumes. And because it is Thierry Mugler Alien – extraterrestrial, of course, it will “invade” the area around you when you wear it. The wake deserves an entirely different story, it is exceptional. You can fall in love with the woman wearing it, so watch out!
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