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They Call It “Home Staging,” But What Does That Actually Mean In Practice?

by TimeWithThea

When it comes to selling your home for your asking price (maybe more), there really is a secret sauce – at least according to people in the know. Recently, HGTV collated some advice from experts in the industry for how to kill it as a homeowner and sell your house for a fortune. Here’s what they had to say.

Secret #1: Show Off Your Half Empty Closets

You would have thought that the mere fact that you have closets would be sufficient in itself to act as an advertisement for your home. But it turns out that that isn’t enough. According to experts at HGTV, closets shouldn’t just be present, they should also be half-empty, to indicate just how spacious your home is. Closets that are full to the rafters with junk don’t look good and leave potential buyers with the impression that you lack adequate space. Make sure the stuff in your closets is neatly organized in such a way that best shows them off.

Secret #2: Send Agents Out Into The Field

When you’re trying to maximize the sale price of your home, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on development in the field. Often it’s a good idea to keep track of multiple listing services that will inform you of the selling price of other properties in your area. Getting an agent to do this can help you find out what competition you’re facing down the street and how much other homes in your neighborhood are selling for. If they’re selling for more than yours, find out why and see if you have grounds to raise your own prices. Don’t be afraid to raise the asking price if you’re getting a lot of interest, or if you live in a boom town, like San Francisco.

Secret #3: Get Rid Of Personalized Items

If you want to be able to call the movers sooner rather than later, then it’s a good idea to remove all the items in your house that reflect your own personality. It turns out that buyers don’t like it when sellers have things like their pets and their weird stuff on display when they come to look around: it makes it harder for them to see how they will change the house to make it their own. Consult an expert home stager about how to make the house more neutral and inviting.

Secret #4: Don’t Upgrade Too Much

When it comes to making home improvements that increase the value of your home, there’s a fine line between upgrades that yield positive returns, and those that will never pay off. By all means, do cheap repair work to sort out a leaking gutter or a patch of mold on the wall, but don’t spend a fortune on new kitchens and bathrooms – it’s not worth it. Massive makeovers tend not to generate the kind of returns that people expect because of the fact that the value of your home doesn’t just depend on what it’s like inside. It also depends on things that are out of your control, like the level of crime in the neighborhood and the quality of local schools.

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