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The Best Way to Share Your Appreciation and Thoughts These Days

by TimeWithThea

Without a doubt, we live in unprecedented times, when social distancing is the strongest recommendation, instead of encouraging people to get together more often. Unfortunately, this is indeed necessary, whether we like it or not, to stop everything that is going on around us. We miss the people that used to make part of our lives, regardless if they were present on a daily basis or just from time to time. But, even so, we have a strong ally that can make this period easier to bear. And I am talking here about technology and the existence of the Internet.

Due to the advancement of technology, it is easier to stay in touch with family and friends in times when it’s best not to see them in person. More than this, we can see them with the help of real-time video calls. But there are also ways to make your presence felt in a more discreet manner. An e-card carrying a meaningful message and a personalized monogram can be a great way to maintain relationships with the people that matter the most to you.

  • Express your gratitude and appreciation

Social distancing and the invisible health hazard we’re all dealing with can take a toll on our state of mind and mental health. This is why specialists recommend practicing gratitude and meditation so that we enjoy and maintain a positive attitude throughout this entire period. The truth is that simply saying “thank you” or expressing your appreciation for the impact someone had on your life, can make you feel amazing. So, sending a meaningful letter or note via e-mail can help you do this in a thoughtful manner. And if you want to take things to a different level, designing a monogram that represents you will certainly have the desired impact.

  • Show that you value the relationship you have with someone

When we practice gratitude, we should be grateful not just for the things we have and the achievements we enjoy, but also for the people we have in our lives. And here I am not saying that we should value family members and close friends only. We can show that we value a person who is a teacher that once guided our steps in a significant manner, someone that acted as a mentor, contributing to what we are today. They may be people you didn’t talk to in a good while, but, even so, it’s not too late to show that you appreciate everything they did for you. Or maybe there are people in your life who may not know just how important they are for you.

  • Let people know you’re thinking about them

While you can always pick up the phone and give them a call, sending an e-note is a much cuter and pleasant way to let others know you’re thinking about them. You can write something funny or inspirational on the note, adding your name and monogram to complete the note and your gesture will be appreciated without a doubt. Give it a try and you will see that the recipients of such a note will not just enjoy what you did for them, but will also feel happier. And it’s a great feeling to know that you can brighten one’s life with such little effort.

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