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The best way to detox your body

by TimeWithThea

Do you ever feel so sluggish and full of rubbish sometimes, that you just really crave some health. The majority of us don’t follow a clean eating diet, we don’t care about what we’re eating, and we definitely don’t bother with exercise. The result of which is this bogged down feeling we carry around with us. Do you ever walk around with such little energy you feel like you never want to get out of bed again? Do you ever feel grumpy for absolutely no reason? Or do you ever just feel like your body is craving a break from life? Well, this is your body literally crying out for a bit of health, which can easily be achieved with a nice body detox.  Let’s explore a few of my best tips.

Diet Detox

Your diet is one of the main reasons why you’re feeling how you are. What you put into your body, your body will give you back. If you know you’re partial to a Chinese at the end of every week, you’ll soon start noticing the repercussions. It isn’t just the weekly treats that have an undesired effect on our bodies, it is our daily eating habits that affect us the most.
A westernised diet is one that is full of sugars, fats, and salt. Unfortunately, this is a diet that most of us follow. This might be due to the premonition that eating healthy is harder. It costs more, it is more effort to make, and it doesn’t taste as nice. Well, all three of those statements are wrong. Healthy food does sometimes cost more, depending on what ingredients you’re buying.

But if you shop at the right stores, and look for some own brand things, you’ll end up spending less than you would on a normal weekly shop. A lot of the meals are actually quicker and easier to make than normal meals, it is just finding the inspiration to actually make them. There are plenty of tasty recipe ideas out there, such as those found here. A lot are less effort to make than the junk food we’re filling our diets with as well! Drinks also play a big part in a healthy diet.

A lot of people tend to reach for a tasty fizzy drink, rather than a refreshing glass of water. We understand water is a bit plain, and can see why you might not be a fan of it, but the benefits of it are just amazing. The fizzy drinks that a lot of us tend to fill our diets with are rotting our teeth for one. The older we get, the more noticeable this will become. They’re also spiking our sugar levels to the point of being at risk of diabetes. Water hydrates us internally, as well as keeps our skin in perfect condition. If you can switch to a pure
clean eating diet for four days of the week, we guarantee you’ll feel upbeat and amazing for it.

Relaxation Detox

Sometimes this is all our bodies need to be refreshed and revived. Usually, there are a million and one things happening around is that prevent us from being in a relaxed state. Work being one, then coming home to a family to feed, then getting a little bit of sleep before you do it all again. After months of this cycle, our bodies just start giving up. Take a day, once a month, to just have a bit of you time.
One perfect idea we know you’ll love is a day at the spa with your friends. It gives you that time away from reality, and allows you to forget any troubles you might be facing. Even if it is just going for a walk round the park on a nice hot day, and having a bit of food and a read of a book to yourself. Your mind can run free, and the stresses of everyday life are soon forgotten. The longer you put off some
real relaxation time, the more stress is going to build up. Too much stress actually brings on health conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, and weight loss.

Bad Habit Detox

This is probably one of the things you should be trying first. Your bad habits affect your health and overall well being more than you might first realise. The only time you’ll truly start to understand how much they’ve been holding you back is when you kick them to the curb. The first we’re going to talk about is smoking. There are so many reasons people get into smoking. Some might be stress, social pressure, or even boredom. But once you’re hooked, it is hard to see a way out. For some people smoking does become a way of life. 

Your Future Health

Hopefully this article will have taught you how you need to detox to prevent your future health from being bad. That feeling of sluggishness that we described in the beginning of the article isn’t normal. But with just a few lifestyle changes that we’ve listed above, you could change all of that. If you know your body is craving a health boost, don’t be afraid to go on a health detox for a few weeks. Cleanse your mind and your body completely until you feel revived once more. It is important to make sure you’re treating your body like a temple at all times if you want to live a long and healthy life.

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