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Summer Might Be Over, But Don’t Tell Your Wardrobe!

by TimeWithThea

There are a lot of people who feel totally comfortable about the fact that the summer is now over and the autumn months are on their way. And sure, there are a lot of great things to enjoy about the autumn. The leafs are changing and falling, it’s time to start getting cozy by the fire with a cup of something warm, and you no longer have to spend all of your time with the windows open and fans blowing at full speed. However, there’s one thing that’s a little disappointing about autumn: people always seem to lose a lot of the fun from their wardrobe once the sun goes away. For some reason, as soon as the leaves change, people decide that it’s time to start embracing dull and drab color, boring and shapeless knitwear, and an aesthetic that’s bland enough to leave anyone ready to fall asleep! Sure, those kinds of styles fit with the changing of the seasons but what if you want to keep up some of the fun and excitement of your summer wardrobe? Well, here are just a few simple tips to keep your wardrobe feeling warm and fun, even if the weather isn’t doing the same.

Keep up the color

The colors in the kinds of clothes people wear during the autumn have a habit of being… subdued, to say the least. The reality is that people tend to end up wearing dull, dark colors that leave them looking as drab as possible. Even when people do embrace some more color with reds, blues, and greens, they tend to be overly dark without any real excitement to them. Instead of doing that, why not stand out from the crowd with some seriously bright, vibrant colors? Who says that neon color schemes only ever work in the sunshine? Just because the sun’s hiding behind the clouds doesn’t mean that you should be hiding away in boring colors that just blend into your surroundings!

Dress to impress

A lot of women have a habit of saying goodbye to their dresses when the seasons change and the weather turns colder. However, there’s no real reason why you should need to. There are plenty of places where you can shop for women’s casual dresses and resort wear that can bring some summer fun along well into the autumn and winter months. All you need to do is pair a dress with some chunky tights and a cardigan, and you’re good to go no matter how cold it might get! Sure, some sundresses are going to be a little bit slight to go out in slightly colder weather, but there are still plenty of options that you can try so that you don’t have to spend half the ignoring half of your wardrobe.

Go bold

Subtlety is normally the order of the day when it comes to autumnal styles, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, not every outfit needs to be some kind of attention-grabbing spectacle. But by the same token, you don’t need to constantly dress in a way that makes it look as though you’re trying to draw as little attention as possible. Why not stand out a little more with some big, bold patterns? The kind of sharp, asymmetry that tends to be common during the summer has a habit of disappearing in the autumn, and that can be really frustrating. Sure, you can stick with the more subtle patterns and designs but contrast them with something a little bit more exciting can create some really unique looks that you might never have even considered before!

Make it fit

Why does the autumn always seem to bring with it a deluge of loose, poorly fitting clothes? Sure, big chunky outfits can have a certain charm to them when worn correctly, but there’s no reason why you should suddenly spend all of your time wearing clothes that disguise your figure just because the sun isn’t out. Don’t give up your fitted clothes! In fact, being able to pair a fitted dress or some tight jeans with a chunky jumper or cardigan can create a fabulous look.

Of course, none of this is trying to say that there’s anything wrong with embracing a little more of those great autumn styles. In fact, many of those styles can look fantastic in a way fits perfectly with the time of year. However, it’s important that you don’t feel restricted just because of the time of year. The reality is that you can and should be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want as long as it makes you feel happy and confident!

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