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Style, Storage & Space: Make your home more liveable

by TimeWithThea
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No matter what kind of home you live in, we can guarantee that you are constantly in need of more space. Something about having your own home means that you soon begin to develop piles of new belongings. Before long, it is no longer clear where any of it is meant to go. If you know this situation well, then you are probably keen to learn about some new storage solutions which you might be able to employ in your home. Knowing how to properly store what you have away goes hand in hand with freeing up space in the home – and there are a number of genuine positive psychological benefits as a result of that. It also means that you can create a more relaxed, peaceful home – and all without sacrificing even a shred of style. Let’s see what you might be able to do in your home to marry style, storage and space easily and inexpensively.

Plan Every Room

One of the major reasons that people tend to end up with very little space is because they fail to think room by room. It might not seem as though it would make that much difference, but you would be surprised. As it turns out, planning interior design room by room, particularly with storage and space in mind, does very often mean that you can create more useful spaces which you will be able to use for greater storage quickly and easily. It helps to go room by room, simply because each room is its own unique kind of space, offering its own potential solutions and also its own set of problems to overcome. If you only think as a whole for the home, you will find that your solutions are nowhere near as effective as they could be.

Once you start thinking in this way, it will probably not be long before you start to come up with some pretty unique solutions of your own. You will then probably wonder why you never thought to look at your space problems in this way before. However, you might still benefit from listening to the advice of others, and there are some things which apply to all homes and to all rooms in the home, no matter what. Let’s take a look at some more specific advice on creating space in the home, reducing your need for storage and making the home work as a more cohesive whole in these areas.


It might sound simple, but it is an incredibly effective part of the whole situation. If you want to create more space in your home, then it only makes sense to do everything you can to reduce the amount of clutter you have lying around. No matter who you are, it is likely that you often find yourself developing clutter. This happens for a number of reasons, and it is for that reason that it is hard to deal with a lot of the time. It might just be the gradual accumulation of things you have bought, perhaps all relevant and necessary at the time, but now just taking up space. It could be things people have left in your home. In this instance, it is quite frustrating because you can’t exactly just get rid of those things. Still, you can endeavour to return them to their owners. However it is that your own cluster has developed, it is well worth making sure that you make the effort to reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

In all likelihood, it will be much more beneficial if you do this on a regular basis. There is no specific timescale that works for everyone, as it depends on your own lifestyle and needs, but just make sure that you do your best to stay on top of it at all times if you can. When you get down to de-cluttering, you should think about ways in which you can get rid of what you find. You might decide to sell some goods, for example: selling clothes and other things online can be a great way to recycle and even make a little money from your de-cluttering. Or you could give things away to charity, as this will also help you to feel much better about the situation of throwing things away. Whatever you do, try to find specific solutions for doing away with those things that you find. This will help you to keep your home much clearer for longer, so reducing the amount of storage that you actually need in the first place.

Of course, you can only get rid of so much, and at a certain point you will need to find some genuine solutions to the kind of storage and space you do actually need for what remains. Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to store the things you need to keep in your home.

Find Multi-Use Furniture

If there is anything that takes up a lot of space in your home, it is the furniture. It therefore makes a lot of sense if you are able to use that furniture as a storage solution in itself. This way, you are using the bigger, bulkier items to store the smaller ones – and mathematically, that makes for a much more efficient use of space. Of course, limiting the amount of furniture you have in the first place might be beneficial, but you also want to keep the home comfortable. It is often far better to use furniture which can easily double up as storage. These days, there is no end to the kind of furniture that can actually achieve that particular goal. You can find sofas which unfold to reveal a decent amount of storage space underneath, for example. There are countless bed designs which have a lot of open space underneath, too, so you can store things like bedclothes and pretty much anything else under there. But that’s not all.

Space saving furniture comes in many forms, and it is worth looking at all your options as much as possible and as closely as possible. Certain solutions might not work for you personally or for your home, but others could be absolutely perfect. If you have children, treating them to some transforming bunk beds can provide them with endless fun while also meaning they have doubled-up room for a desk or something similar. You can even buy transforming tables which spread out to become larger tables, meaning that your dining table could be tucked away neatly while not in use.

Making use of multi-use furniture is one of those single best ways to create more space, for real, in your home, and to find a place for decent storage of your smaller items. But there might still be a place in your home for items which are designed solely and specifically to hold other items with no other purpose. In those cases, you probably want to ensure that they have a decent degree of style if they are to take up space in your home.

Stylish Storage

When it comes to finding storage solutions which do not double-up as anything else, it helps to put style first. That way, you can be sure that you will be happy with those items taking up space in your home. Of course, it can often be difficult to come across storage items which you are genuinely thrilled about using. But a little shopping around and knowing where to look can soon throw up a few interesting and useful items which you might want to consider. Again, as we saw earlier, it can really help to work room by room here. Let’s take the bathroom by way of example.

Any bathroom has countless opportunities to house a decent storage unit. This is one room where you will often get away with something just for the sake of it looking good, so looking for stylish bathroom storage is a decent bet if that is your style. Bathroom companies tend to have a fantastic range of vanity units, and these re probably our best bet if looking for stylish bathroom storage solutions. Alternatively, you could consider going for a standalone tidy,as these can often be compact enough to fit into a bathroom of just about any size. Get this room right, and you will notice how easy it can really be to create stylish storage in my room of the house. You can then extend this to other rooms.

Keep It Simple

Finally, remember that you often get the best results with something like this if you are able to just keep it simple as much as possible. Simplicity is surprisingly hard to achieve, but it is always going to be your best friend, so long as you are happy for that to be the case. As long as you keep things simple, you will find that your home is much more stylish in its storage and for much longer too.

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