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Space – Saving Ideas For Children’s Rooms

by TimeWithThea

As the smallest members of the family kids are often stuck with the smallest bedrooms in the home. Which can be problematic when they have so much stuff! While most of us would love bigger homes that’s not always possible, however, there are ways you can work with what you have. Here are some of the ways you can maximize the space in your child’s bedroom.

Get Built In Furniture

The great thing about built-in furniture is it can be customized. It can even be built into awkward places allowing you to use all of the available space without any being wasted. Whether it’s a sloping roof, a boiler cupboard or just a funny shaped room you’re working with, opting for bespoke fitted furniture could be the solution your issues. Plus unlike regular desks, wardrobe and other furniture they can built from the floor to the ceiling, so offer a lot more place to store items. Handy for all of those toys, books, clothes and million other items kids own! Using baskets and storage bins on shelves and putting drawer organizers into drawers can help you use the space even more efficiently.

Choose The Right Bed

Very small rooms can work well with furniture built underneath. You could go with a specially made piece to fit your space exactly, or opt for a cabin style bed on the highstreet. You can find these with wardrobes, drawers or a desk under them and steps going up to the bed on the top. At the very least, choose a bed which offers storage. This gives you an extra place to put things. It could be a divan bed with drawers, or just a standard bed frame where you can store boxes and things underneath. If your children are sharing a room, opting for bunk beds can save space. There are plenty of designs for both boys and girls bunk beds online which look stylish as well as being practical.


It doesn’t take long for kids to grow out of their clothes and shoes, change their preferences with toys and crave more challenging books. For this reason, new things will be coming into the home often so it’s important to be decluttering regularly and throwing away things they no longer need and use. It can be tempting to want to hold onto things for sentimental purposes, but the reality is they’re much better off being sent to someone else who will use them. Charities, shelters, nurseries and other places are always in need of donations, and you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re being used and appreciated by other children. Rather than sitting around, gathering dust and taking up space at home! Getting rid of the old makes space for the new- so when birthdays, Christmases and other events crop up you’re not drowning in a sea of your child’s possessions!

Does your child have a small room? Do you have any tips and tricks for maximizing the space?

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