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Small structures that come in handy for a small home

by TimeWithThea
Small Home

When you know your living in a small home you have to innovate and make sure you’re not taking up more room than you need to. It’s vital also to take the time to look around and see what needs priority. Some things just need to be larger than other in order for them to function properly. For example, you can buy a smaller microwave, but chances are, you can’t get a small washing machine because no such design would be able to cope with the spinning pressures. So, when you live in a cramped space, you should avoid feeling claustrophobic by limiting the amount of space, each item gets. It’s much better to bunch up certain things not only because they’re easier to access, but it will save space.

Spice and herb rack shelves

Spices and herbs are essential to cooking, but there are so many different types and variations. These little tubes can accumulate over time, and suddenly, they’re taking up space in the cabinet, on the table and in the pantry. However, with a great space rack, you can shelve all your herbs and spices in one location. They’re easy to assemble and reasonably cheap, and all different sizes of bottles can fit in them. They also have multiple shelves, and some clever designs have mechanisms that swap and rotate them. You can assign the different layers to the countries of origin that your spices and herbs come from, giving you a clearer picture for the types of recipes you’re aiming for.

Shoe cabinet

If you love your shoes, this item of your wardrobe is going to be plentiful and scattered all over the place at your small home. Living in a small space requires you to be thoughtful and now allow your shoes to be randomly spread out in your small home. When you can’t go horizontal, go vertical with a  shoe cabinet for small places. This item allows you to stack your shoes on the different shelves and can go as high as you want. The cabinet is thin so it can easily fit in your bedroom and placed up against a wall. The height clearance for each shelf is great, so if you have heels or taller boots, they won’t need to be laid on their side or mushed into a small crevice to make them fit neatly.


Despite the name, a bookshelf doesn’t just have to be for books you like. Feel free to store photo albums, pictures of your friends and family, as well as any artistic decor pieces for the small home. Bookshelves don’t look out of place in virtually any room either, because they’re a long-standing furnishing in a small home and become a part of the background. The designs you can get in the contemporary and modern styles are works of art in themselves. You can also get them in all kinds of sizes, colors, materials, and weights.

Small little structures for the home are great if you live in a small space. It’s wise not to take up any more room than you need to. Any kinds of items in the home that are plentiful and varied like spices, shoes and books, can and should be stored together.

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