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Review – Huile Divine Caudalie perfume – a fragrance for women

by TimeWithThea
Huile Divine Caudalie

Nuxe, L`Occitane, Roger & Gallet, Melvita… are just a few brand names based on the alchemy of plants, which have in their collection at least one beautifully perfumed miraculous oil. Nuxe was the ice breakers back in 1991, when they produced their famous multifunctional oil Huile Prodigieuse, with a gorgeous and therapeutic scent of exotic flowers, macerated with coconut and mixed with vitamin E to nourish the skin and hair. 

It is indispensable for me for quite a few years already and although I do use body lotions at the same time, Nuxe remains for me a “super-product”, which I keep in particular for moments of spoil that became quotidian because of its effect. Caudalie comes from the Bordeaux area of France, their product having at their base precious grape extracts – they are the ones that started the first spa that offered wine-therapy. Slowly, they became more and more popular, especially due to a product that became a “cult”, which I also use, particularly during the summer: Eau de Beauté, a beauty elixir inspired by an old beauty recipe of Queen Isabella of Hungary

Presently, this water obtained out of grape extracts, orange flowers, roses, mint, and rosemary are among the favorite of celebrities and makeup artists because one single “poof” is sufficient to bring your face to its ideal state and make it radiate. It enlightens the face and leaves a barely perceptible at touch pellicle until the product penetrates the skin and hydrates it well. Of course, if you have dry skin, you will need additional creams, as Eau de Beauté is not a substitute for a cream or serum, but more a boost of freshness, like a comforting breeze.

Going back to Huile Divine Caudalie, it doesn’t just smell great but makes my skin silky soft and the entire self-massaging process turns from chore to pleasure. As a difference compared to Nuxe, I find it easier to spread and massage because it is not a dry oil, but has a classical, unctuous oil texture. It is a blend of hibiscus, sesame, and argan oils, mixed with an ingredient patented by Caudalie, with antioxidant properties.

The scent is sublime, delicate and floral, slightly citric at the top, without discordances, soft, invigorating and of a tenderness that can hardly be met. However, the crazy perfumer that lives within me immediately discovered its twin lost in the world of perfumes: Ophelia from the Heeley house, a perfume that smells almost identical. They could both belong to the same series, Huile Divine Caudalie and Ophelia, this is how much they resemble each other and that’s precisely why I enjoy overlapping them. And you can’t even imagine how heavenly their mélange is, truly divine. It’s summer. You’re in Saint Tropez. Indispensable accessories: a blouse with sailor-like stripes, oversized sunglasses, coral-red lipstick, your hair left to move freely in the wind, easily dishevelled by the breeze and your tanned skin perfumed by this oil. You’d be quite irresistible, pardon me! 😉

Huile Divine Caudalie

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