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Review – Amouage Journey Eau de Parfum for Men

by TimeWithThea
Amouage Journey

My name is Bond. James Bond. James Bond is the type of mysterious character who seduces women without effort. He travels a lot and has a girlfriend in various locations. He knows to order drinks with style: “Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.” He’s always ready to meet the bad guys and nothing catches him off guard. But above being the hero of women, a heavy drinker, and a paid assassin, he’s a traveller. Everywhere he goes, he’ll display the same impeccable and sophisticated style. What will he put in his luggage? Well, besides top-notch gadgets, he always carries around a bottle of Amouage Journey. It is a perfume that sums up all the places that enriched his life… or better said his career. From every corner of the world, Amouage extracts a piece, turning them into the magical essence for this perfume.

Amouage have hit a home run with Journey Man. It is absolutely incredible and easily one of their most palatable scents, despite being fairly spicy.

Whether it’s about the spicy Chinese Sichuan pepper, Indian ingredients like cypriol and cardamom, Persian frankincense (but not at all saint, I would add), the rugged and mainly Italian neroli, the sweet American tobacco, the musk from the French Robertet laboratory, or the South-American tonka beans…

Amouage makes no deduction of quality and naturalness, wishing to express as loyal as possible the particularity of each region. It is an arrogant, very elegant, and pretty harsh perfume but with a sensational base, spicy and luring. The most pregnant are the spices mixed with cypriol (which posses an oud hint) and the tobacco with a slight vanilla scent, wrapped in a churning frankincense whiff. Amouage Journey persists as much as an imaginary tour of the globe. With Amouage Journey Man, you can take a trip around the world at the price of a perfume bottle.

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