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Planning a summer adventure holiday

by TimeWithThea
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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning exactly how we’ll be spending those warm summer days. While it might be tempting to sit back in the garden and just watch the world slowly go by, you might find it more satisfying to head out into the great outdoors and have an adventure holiday that tests you physically and mentally (…and is also fun at the same time!). However, it takes a lot more effort to have this type of getaway than it does two weeks next to a swimming pool. Here’s how you do it.

What’s Your Plan?

First thing’s first, what is it you actually want to do? It’s always a good idea to think big; what would be the best possible adventure holiday you could go on? It might be a long cycling trip, a hike through picturesque countryside, or a long rafting or kayaking trip. There are varying degrees of difficulty available for all activities; the right thing to do is review your fitness levels and pick a route that you think you’ll be able to do safely (though pushing yourself a little bit is recommended!).

Getting Prepared

If your trip is being planned for summer, it’s time to start preparing your body for it now. You’re probably going to be planning a trip that is a week or more, or at least a good few days, and you’ll be surprised how energy sapping it can be to be using your body every day. As such, it’s imperative that you start your training now. Look at the muscles you’ll be using as part of your activity and make sure the emphasis is on them. Start slow, gradually build up your performance, and you’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Packing the Bags

You have to put a lot more thought into camping for an adventure holiday than you would if you were going to a resort. You’ll likely be far away from shops and other conveniences, so you’ll need to have most everything you’ll need during your trip with you from the time you leave your home. If you’re camping, take a look at the essential camping items, as well as the necessities for your activity (for example, a bike repair kit if you’re cycling).

In Case Something Goes Wrong

There’s an inherent danger connected with most outdoor activities. Even if you’re not injured as part of your activity, you might just fall unwell and, because you’re out in nature, be far away from a doctor. This is where you’ll need to prepared. Make sure you have a device capable of receiving data so you can have a GP at hand should you need to talk with a medical professional. When abroad, ensure you have travel insurance and a basic understanding of where the nearest hospital from you is.

Have Fun

There’s a lot to prepare for an adventure holiday, but once it’s taken care of you’ll have the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your activity filled trip away. Enjoy!

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