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Personalise Your Décor Within Your Tenancy Agreement

by TimeWithThea

One of the most frustrating elements about renting a house is that you can’t decorate it in the way you want. Start painting walls, and you will automatically wave your deposit farewell, never to be seen again. Most tenants suffer from this lack of control in their home. It is even difficult for some to call it a home, or to feel that it could be one when there is no possibility to give it a personality of its own. Would you believe it if you were told that you can still personalise your décor without losing your deposit? And that you can still identify with your décor and make it homely? No? Think again, because this is happening right now.

Surround Yourself With Happy Memories

What makes a house a home is the sentiment of warmth safety and happiness that should surround you. You could, for instance, take a close look at your family and holiday pictures and select your favourite memories. Whether it is the last Christmas with your grandparents or a beach holiday with your best friend on a sunny island, it is up to you. In the end, you can easily get customised mounts for your favourite pictures in the best print quality. These would do just fine in bringing a little life to your rooms. If you are worried about using nails, you can place them on top of shelves or by the side table of your living room.

Use Your DIY Skills For Small Items

If you are a craft enthusiasts, you may want to look at options to build your own decorative items, using decoupage for example to decorate boxes or everyday objects. Or you can add a colourful touch around the frame of pictures with bright cutouts. If decoupage isn’t your thing, you can have a look at using chalk paint on small pieces of furniture, such as a chair, or your vanity cabinet if it isn’t mounted. Chalk paint dries in less than 20 minutes and provides great results even for DIY amateurs. So release your DIY soul!

Find A Signature Scent

Your sense of smell is the sense that is the best linked to your memories. By creating a scented décor, you can bring back happy memories to your mind and feel happier in your rented house.

You could use summery and natural scents, such as aromatic combinations to create a feel of warmth and holiday. Dried lavender is also a great addition to your house, as the smell is naturally peaceful and clean, which can help you to see the house in a different light. Sweet scents, such as cinnamon or vanilla, are ideal for a homely association in the living room. But if you want to add a touch of exotism, have a look for flowery smells instead. Let your nose guide you!

Go For Vibrant Colourful Items

Let’s agree on one thing. You can’t paint the walls, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have colourful accents. A colourful rug can change the atmosphere in the room, and transform dull magnolia into a fun living room. Similarly, you can work with bright cushion covers, exciting throws, or vibrant decorative items. Remember to coordinate your colours, though. Otherwise, the fun can suddenly turn into a colourful nightmare.


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