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Narciso Rodriguez Perfume for Women – Review

by TimeWithThea
Narciso Rodriguez

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and heavy names like Guerlain or Mazzolari – a niche house – produced successful perfumes inspired directly and ostentatious out of this Narciso Rodriguez For Her. I am talking about Lovely, Idylle, and Sofia, although there are many more. These are perfumes that awake Narciso Rodriguez For Her so much each time I smell them. Still, the original will always remain the most successful because in the 1% that separates from the rest lies, in fact, all of its magic, which makes the difference and is something no one managed to perfectly recreate.

I believe that very few mainstream perfumes at the moment have a formula that is as envied as that of Narciso Rodriguez For Her. So, it’s not adored, popular, and reproduced for nothing. For me, as WOW factor sits next to Alien. I lift my shoulders powerless and can’t explain how they managed to unite tones. There are so pure and clean of Osmanthus and neroli with musk that is so animalistic, penetrating, and erotic, preventing the result from not becoming a cacophony.

On the contrary, the notes entwine so naturally, like they know each other from the moment they were born. At first, it is slightly fruity and clear, the white flowers appearing like mirroring themselves in crystal-clear water. Then, almost immediately, you can feel the musk note growing and it’s the most wonderful and complex musk ever. It has all the facets I could dream and hope for.

It is, first and foremost, of high quality, being THAT Egyptian musk that is so rarely used today, a musk with an incredibly sensual scent. Further on it is possible for it to contain some high-tech ingredients, something secret, which takes the initial notes and polishes them until they get a diamond-like glow. The pyramid is extremely simple yet very effective.

After the musk appears as a central element, things don’t change that much. The musk grows in volume and now the floral echoes appear merged with it, creating an über-feminine effect. Regardless of the physical features Mother Nature gave you, Narciso Rodriguez For Her is made so that you can be idealized just like through a Photoshop filter. You become extremely sexy and self-confident. That’s why it’s so successful, and I can just applaud it and wish it many years on store shelves, without any reformulations. Long Live Narciso Rodriguez For Her!  

Narciso Rodriguez

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