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My Guide to Making Your Look More Sophisticated

by TimeWithThea

There can come a point in your life when you realise that your style hasn’t quite caught up with your age. You have to go to work every day and take part in adult social situations, but your fashion sense isn’t as sophisticated as you would like it to be. If you need to make your outfits more mature and refined, you can do it with just a few simple touches. Don’t worry, though, because you don’t have to give up fun to be serious. Use these fashion tips to be both sophisticated and fabulous at the same time.

Buy a Grownup Bag

It’s amazing how much a bag can make a difference. You might already have a sizeable collection, but some bags are more adult than others. If you want one that looks sophisticated, choose a neat, leather bag that won’t lose its shape. You need something that will help you keep your things organised. Rooting around for your keys for ten minutes doesn’t look professional.

Add a Watch to Your Wardrobe

Some accessories scream maturity, and watches are one of them. Of course, it can’t be just any watch. A Disney watch isn’t going to do much for your sophisticated image. But something like the Runwell Chrono will lend a more mature slant to your overall look. You’re someone who checks your watch for the time, not your phone. Being more sophisticated is often more about the smaller details.

Choose Structure and Tailoring

A baggy jumper or jeans might be more comfortable, but they don’t have the right look for an adult professional woman. If you want to look smarter, you should go for clothes that are the right shape for your body. An A-line dress or a tailored suit will give you a more mature look than an outfit that isn’t the right size or shape.

Tone Down the Colours

Bright colours can be fantastic sometimes, but only if you use them in the right way. A lot of the time, a more neutral colour pallet can look more sophisticated. If you’re not sure how to wear brighter shades, try sticking to browns, greys, navy blues, and more. It can help you look older and wiser. Try using some more colourful accessories if you want to perk up your look a little.

Pick the Right Accessories

Accessories can make all the difference when you’re putting your outfit together. If you choose the wrong ones you can look too informal or even a little childish. Think carefully about which accessories you should pair with each outfit for different situations. A necklace might be a good idea for work, but you wouldn’t necessarily wear the one you wore out the night before.

Get a Haircut

As well as your clothes, your hair can make a difference to how sophisticated you look. Some styles could make you look younger and less serious, while others will give you a more mature look.

Make sure your fashion sense grows up as you do. Take a look at your wardrobe to see if you can improve it and make it more sophisticated.

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