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Make your own pizza for a healthier night in

by TimeWithThea
make your own pizza

Though most of the time pizza is regarded as a convenience food to be bought ready done at the supermarket or indulged in at a restaurant, to make your own pizza isn’t really that difficult or expensive to achieve. If you are really going for it, you could install a pizza oven in the back garden, but frankly a regular oven will do the job just fine.

If you prefer to eat healthily, finding a healthy way to dine out can take a bit of forward planning and could make you feel as though you are missing out. Inviting friends round for homemade pizza eliminates all of these worries and you can have as much or as little as you like. Plus you have full control of how much cheese or oil goes on, so you can be happy and well fed.

Make Up Your Base

The pizza base is much easier than you think and, barring a bit of time spent proving, it is fairly quick to do. How thick you stretch your base is down to personal taste. However, do be aware that thinner bases will take a little less time to cook than a Chicago style deep dish.

make your own pizzaDecide on Your Toppings

The most fun part of making a pizza is the toppings. Start with your basic tomato sauce and you can add almost anything to achieve something delicious. Because you base is so cheap to make, you can really afford to go all out here before you reach the equivalent of a restaurant price.

There are endless ways that you could top your pizza and just because something might not be authentically Italian, doesn’t mean you can’t put it on. The Hawaiians have gotten away with pineapple for decades and while this culinary abomination continues, you can’t go too far wrong.

In fact, you don’t even need to oblige yourself to go down the savoury route at all as sweet pizzas, made with sweet dough, are teasing their way into the mainstream. That pizza oven in the back of the garden is looking mighty tempting now, isn’t it!


Though most pizzas in boxes recommend a cooking temperature of around 200*C, the reality is that the hotter your oven, the better the pizza will turn out. This is because the heat will make the bubbles in your pizza dough expand much faster creating the best texture in the world.

Don’t be too worried about having slightly burned edges and a floppy middle. This is exactly how the original margherita pizza is served in Naples and so can be given the stamp of authenticity, even if it’s not quite what you are used to seeing.

Getting your friends together and make your own pizzas is a great way to spend a healthy night in and not spend a great deal either. In fact, you might like it so much that you make it a regular thing.


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