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Less Effort, Less Mess – Caring For Your Home The Easy Way

by TimeWithThea

Not everybody who is passionate about designing interiors is that keen to clean them. And the more detail you put into an interior, the more work you’re creating for yourself to keep it tidy and dust-free. While the minimalist look suits some people, it’s not for everyone. So how can you keep your home clutter-free and pristine without giving up all your time and energy?


Fabrics are fantastic. They look beautiful. You can choose any colour or pattern that appeals to you. And you can add to the structure and texture of the room. The trouble with fabric in interiors is that it can be quite hard to keep it looking clean. When you’re looking to dress your room with softer touches, choose fabrics that are easy to remove and machine wash. Alternatively, look for finishes in leather and other easy-to-wipe materials.


Why do pets shed? It makes cleaning a much harder job than it should be! But we wouldn’t do without a furry family members. Despite being able to see the hairs more easily, a hardwood or slate floor is easier to keep clean. Carpets, however, can cling to the fur and all the other delights your pets might leave behind. Vacuuming carpet does not remove all the germs, dirt and bacteria. It’s hard work too!

Robot vacuums make light of most floor types. Some include UV light to kill all those germs too. You can get robot mops for your hard floors. Cordless vacuums are lightweight and far more manoeuvrable than other types as well. Some stores are offering up to £120 off selected floorcare products right now to help you choose. Carpets can be washed with home appliances. And you can always spray them with anti bac products designed for carpets.

Kitchen Gadgets

Most of us have an array of kitchen gadgets that promise amazing results. Yet they tend to sit in the cupboard unused. One reason for this is the hassle of cleaning them. Many manufacturers are producing tools for cooking that are now dishwasher safe. This means you can use them, pop them in the dishwasher, and use them again an hour later. Clear out the old, and buy the gadgets that are easy-clean to reduce your kitchen woes.


If every time you sit down in your living room you’re battling for space, it’s time to manage your storage. It’s not fair for you to have to tidy everything away. If you have a designated place for it to live, your family will soon be happy to pop their magazines, toys, and other items away. You can find clever solutions like under sofa drawers, or coffee tables with built in cupboards. It takes the hassle out of tidying and leaves your room looking pristine.

Cleaning and tidying are chores few of us enjoy. But you don’t need to hire a cleaner just yet. Make some smart choices in your interior design, and you could find it much easier to keep it tidy and clean. Add a couple of clever gadgets to do the work for you and you could have your feet up in no time.

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