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Laws of fashion you need to know

by TimeWithThea
Laws of fashion

Whether you like it or not, the way we look plays a role in our success. The problem with appearance is that it translates to performance, so here are a few laws of fashion you need to know and follow:

  • Never wear patterns for both top and pants. If your pants are patterns (or loud) make sure your top are plain. Wearing patterns top and bottom will make you look like a cheap curtain.
  • In most scenarios, it’s best not to tuck in your top if you don’t wear a belt. You’ll look like an unfinished product.
  • It’s okay to wear sunglasses indoors, but under certain conditions. More often than not, people misjudge such situations. Play it safe and keep your sunglasses off the eyes.
  • You can get away looking great with over size t shirt, but rarely with pants, pants are always best fitted. When worn and paired correctly, over size shirt will make you look casual.
  • Any pair of sandals, even if they’re expensive, will never go well with jeans. Might as well wear your chinos or shorts if you are going to wear sandals.
  • If people can read the brands from top to bottom, then you are over flexing.
  • A great outfit can be destroyed by a dirty pair of shoes. Don’t listen to people that says worn out sneakers gives more “character”, yeah, if you’re still in 2005.
  • Plastic does not belong on your plate or on your self. Wear natural fibre. Your skin will breathe. You will be comfortable. Read labels on clothes, cosmetics, toiletry and go for brands and non-brands that appeal to you.
  • Stay away from mass factory produced garments. That pair of jeans and tee? It shows no creativity. No individuality. There’s no art in it. For all that you know, it might involve child labour. Beware!
  • Invest in five great, classic ensembles and you are set for life. You can mix and match beautifully. Quality always trumps quantity.
  • Less is more – you like jewellery, we get it but don’t walk like a shop to show that.
  • Know your size – if you are very thin and don’t want to look so thin, loose clothing ain’t gonna help you. If you are a bit more on the heavy side and want to look thin, tight clothing is only gonna make it worse.
  • Comfort > style. If you are comfortable in an outfit, you’ll look and feel 10 x more stylish.
  • A nice haircut adds tons to your confidence. Good hair day has never hurt anyone.
  • Invest in a good perfume, include all senses to impress.
  • Invest time in your own maintenance. Hydrate your skin. Clip your nails short if you can’t handle long nails.
  • Take a bath or a shower daily, DAILY. Cleanliness, hygiene and good manners are much more important than any laws of fashion.
  • Love yourself.

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