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Introducing Space Into Any Room

by TimeWithThea

Whenever people go house hunting, they always look for one thing – space. Whether it’s in the form of storage or room size, space is something everyone would love. But the bigger the house, the bigger the price tag. Luckily, there are ways to create the illusion of space within any room. Some of these tips are more aesthetic, and others need a bit of construction to achieve, but they all work well on their own and together.

Neutral Colours

Dark or bright colours can make a room seem a lot smaller than it actually is, so painting the room in neutral colours definitely works in your favour. If you don’t want a completely cream room, they why not create a colourful feature wall with wallpaper or paint. If the wall you’ve chosen is quite large, then break it up with a sideboard white, pale pine or dove grey. This will also help to create levels and extra storage in the room.


Glass in the form of windows, tables and accessories glass really opens up the room. Full-length windows or French doors allow in a lot of light and opens up the room to the outside, doubling your space. Glass topped tables give the illusion of having less furniture in the room, where heavy wooden furniture soaks up the space.

Spot Lights

Lights in the centre of the room brightens up the middle of the room, dimming in the corners. And where this creates a cosy space, it also makes it feel smaller. Using spot lights, or ceiling light fixtures with multiple shades lights up the entire room without cutting corners. If you still want the cosy feel, use a dimming light switch to moderate the amount of light you use.


Clutter is the worst thing to have when trying to create an open space. But every home has some. The trick is to use crafty storage to tuck the big stuff away and be strict with how much you put out on display. Using boxes and baskets inside cupboards doubles your storage space and lets you really utilise the space available.


Using different levels in the room makes the place look much larger. Place shelves high on the wall, and use a lower coffee table. Tall vases draw the eye upwards, as do photo frames hung on the wall. Place your pictures in various sized frames with different depths, and hang them in a mosaic fashion to make the most of the space.


Using blinds instead of curtains will immediately create space by taking away the heavy fabrics. Removing curtains from the room can make the place a little colder, so opt for layered fabric to add an airy and light feel, rather than filling the room with heaviness, the layered look will make the window look larger and let in more light. You could also reserve the heavy curtains for the colder months and switch them out over summer.

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