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How to Select the Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Website

by TimeWithThea

WordPress is one of the most appreciated and popular platforms these days that allow the creation of more than just blogs. If you want to create a website in a simple manner while enjoying a versatile tool that gives you complete control over your entire website, then the answer is WordPress.

However, when looking to develop a website, you need to bear in mind that its aspect will be the first one that will have a significant impact on your visitors. So, pay a lot of attention when selecting the visual elements for your website. In the case of WordPress, the theme is part of this category, so here are a few precious tips on how to find the perfect one for your site.

  • A simpler theme is always best

As you are about to find out, there’s a huge offer when it comes to WordPress themes. A generous variety can be easily found on www.themeplanet.com. It is worth mentioning that you will find here themes for Shopify, WooCommerce, and HTML5 as well, not just for WordPress, so it is worth paying it a visit. Getting back to our WordPress theme, when looking to choose one, try to keep things simple. A theme that is crowded with too many visual elements is not a good option. People these days appreciate designs that are minimalistic, look airy, and make navigation easy.

  • Make sure you go for a responsive option

Never ever forget about mobile users when developing a website. The number of people using their mobile devices when accessing the Internet is impressive. If you want to have them as your site’s visitors, then having a mobile-responsive theme is a must. So, test a theme you consider suitable to see if it is indeed mobile-responsive before making the final choice. It should be able to resize based on the type of screens used for the test.

  • How many plugins can it support?

A WordPress website is rather useless without its plugins. These plugins allow you to shape the website based on your needs and goals. Go through the available WordPress templates and see which one answers to your requirements best. Ideally, the final solution you choose should support the most popular plugins for WordPress and should allow a good degree of customization as well. This way, you will feel that the website is indeed yours.

  • A theme that works for a wide variety of browsers is recommended

Did it occur to you that the theme you select looks amazing on the browser you use, but works awful on other browsers? Well, you should know that this is possible and will be a disappointment for all those that use different browsers than the one you prefer. So, before choosing a theme, run it on the most popular browsers and see how it goes. If it behaves beautifully on all, then this is the right theme for your website or blog.

  • You should also bear in mind the degree of SEO friendliness

A WordPress theme can also contribute to your site’s SEO in a great deal. You see, even if a theme looks amazing, it can still produce a bad HTML code that will affect your site’s optimization in the long run. Of course, taking care of this aspect for someone that has no coding knowledge or experience can be a very challenging task. How to take care of this matter? Look for themes that are already SEO optimized by their developers.

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