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How to safely travel with your kids during a pandemic

by TimeWithThea

Whether you are considering going on that much-needed family holiday or you have to travel to visit family whom you haven’t seen in awhile, the thought of travelling with children during a pandemic is making you have second thoughts about the whole shebang but you desperately need to get away. 

Instead of having your plans up in the air, I’ve partnered up with ground support equipment specialists Aviation Spares, who supply aviation equipment to airports worldwide, to share some tips on how to safely travel with children during the coronavirus pandemic.

Follow the government’s guidelines.

First and foremost, it’s important to follow the government’s covid-19 guidelines, both in your home country and at your destination. The main takeaways that seem to be the same in every country include: if you are sick stay home, keep a distance from others, wear a face covering and maintain regular hand hygiene.

Speak to your kids.

Thinking about our current situation might be stressful but it’s important to explain to your children what to expect, how this trip will be different and what precautions they need to take at the airport and on-board of the aircraft, such as not touching surfaces and staying close by.

Face masks or face coverings?

Face coverings are mandatory in all airports and on-board of planes to protect yourself and others during your travels, however, some countries, airlines and airports require specific face masks to be worn. For instance, if you are travelling to France, you will have to wear a surgical face mask, if not, you will be denied boarding. Before flying, double-check the necessary face masks to use.

Of course, colourful cloth face coverings with fun patterns will be more attractive to children than surgical face masks but your kids might surprise you! As Janine Huldie mentions in her blog post, “kids might be apprehensive about wearing a face mask but don’t just assume this from the start.”

Keep them entertained.

Now that trips up and down the aisles and snacks are more limited, keeping your children entertained is essential. Pack as many activities as possible and play some fun airport games, from plane spotting to see from which country the planes are from to I-Spy airport equipment, such as airport baggage carts and aircraft towbars, to encourage your little ones to learn more about what goes on at airports.

Things to consider.

Finally, it’s important to consider whether you are travelling to a coronavirus hotspot or coming from one as there is the possibility of bringing the virus to a vulnerable and previously unaffected community.

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