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How To Repair Grass Damaged By Dog Urine

by TimeWithThea

The first thing I did was rake up as much of the dead grass as possible. Then I sprinkled limestone over the area. This product neutralizes the soil creating balance from too much nitrogen in the soil that came from Duke’s urine. The nitrogen acts as a fertilizer and too much of it causes the burning of the grass. I prefer the powdered type so I bought this at a gardening supply store that golf courses and professional landscapers get their supplies from. This bag was only about $8.00. I watered the area and left it for about a week.

Next, I spread two bags of special formulated topsoil generously over the burned grassy area. I then watered the area. Each bag cost about $5.00.

Immediately after, I sprinkled grass seed over the topsoil. I just used my hands to do this and then watered the area with a gentle spray of water again.

A couple of weeks later I decided to reseed the area because things seemed to be growing quite slowly. This time with the recommendation of my horticulture buddy I also topped the area lightly with peat moss. This product kept the area moist so the grass seed could do its thing.

This method totally worked because here is the after picture taken about two months after the initial treatment and grass seed planting. You can’t even tell anymore that the area had been damaged by dog urine!


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