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How to Nail Your DIY Wedding Makeup

by TimeWithThea
Wedding Makeup

There’s a lot that goes into a wedding, from the big things to the larger details. Since weddings have become so expensive, and also because being creative is fun, DIY weddings are on the rise. Which a few of decades ago probably just would have been called “weddings”! I love all things DIY when it come to weddings. You get a chance to let out your creative side, it saves you money, and it gives you somewhere to put all your excited energy. Style is a big part of the wedding day, from the groom’s tux to the bridesmaids’ hair. Some brides choose to add a DIY element to their wedding by forgoing a professional makeup artist. If you would rather do your wedding makeup, here’s how you can pull it off.

Finding a Look

The first step is something you need to do regardless of whether you use a makeup artist. You need to find a beautiful look that suits you and your bridesmaids. It might be a slightly easier task when you’ve got a makeup artist to help you out. But you don’t need a professional to show you pictures for inspiration. You do need to have a certain level of skill to try some things out, though. Remember that you need to try them on your bridesmaids too. They don’t have to have the same wedding makeup as you, but you might want it to be similar. One thing you need to think about is who is doing their makeup. Will one of them be in charge or will they all do it themselves? You certainly don’t want to have to do it for them!

Buying the Makeup

When you’ve settled on a look you want to use, you need to make sure you have the makeup for it. You might already have some suitable bits and pieces that you used for experimenting. But maybe you had a makeup artist help you out, and now you need to buy everything you need to do it yourself. It should be as easy as going to your favourite makeup shop to find what you need. Sometimes finding the exact shade you want or products that will last you all day is hard. If you want to make sure your wedding makeup is up to the standards of a makeup artist, try looking for professional products. They won’t cost you a lot more, and they’ll make a difference.

Getting It Done on the Day

When the big day comes, you might be in a panic about getting everything done. The most important thing to do is worry about yourself first. Get your wedding makeup done, whether you’re doing it or a friend or family member is doing it for you. Your bridesmaids should be responsible for doing their own makeup too, whether one person is in charge or they all do it individually. Just make sure they all know what they’re doing!

Don’t be afraid of doing your makeup on your wedding day. If you do a lot in your daily life, you should be prepared. Even if you rarely wear makeup, there’s time to practice what you want to do.

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