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How to Keep Your Garden in Check This Summer

by TimeWithThea

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your garden. Although English weather is undeniably tempestuous, the days are longer, warmer, and more pleasant, and when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, you’re going to want to spend some time outdoors.

There are few things more idyllic than pulling out some sun loungers and lazing in a gorgeous garden, a good book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Yet an overgrown, unkempt outdoor area ruins the effect entirely. This means that you need to act now, so here are three simple steps to help keep your garden in check this summer…

#1: Mow Your Lawn Regularly

 Sometimes, it can feel hard to get up the gumption to go outside and mow the lawn, but the grass grows quickly in summer, and if you want to avoid stumbling into an overgrown wilderness the next time you step outdoors, then you need to keep up with it. It’s best to use the highest setting available, as this will leave long enough grass stems to provide your soil with shade. It will mean that your lawn shows new growth more quickly, but it’s still better for your garden in the long-run. If you leave the cuttings down, these should act as mulch, and this will help the ground to retain moisture, and the grass to maintain that healthy green glow that looks so lush and inviting.

#2: Trim Your Hedges

 Another task that you’ll need to keep on top of is trimming your hedges. Make an effort to go over them regularly, to prevent an untidy, unkempt appearance from creeping in. If you fail to do so, you’ll find that your gateway is quickly obscured, and that your garden is cast into shade on even the sunniest of days. Instead, perform the task at hand on a routine basis, and you’ll be able to enjoy an open, sunlit space whenever the weather permits.

#3: Keep Your Garden Watered

 Last but not least, make the effort to keep your garden watered. A lack of suitable nourishment will quickly lead to ailing fruit, veg, and flowers, and especially when the days are pleasant, you’ll find that the soil dries up at an incredible speed. However, make the effort to water your flowerbeds day and night, and your plants will thrive.

Follow these three simple steps today to keep your garden looking picture perfect this summer.

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