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How to get your home ready for the colder months

by TimeWithThea

So, you’ve arrived home after a long day of work and you’ve realised that there is a sharp cold breeze inside your home that’s giving you shivers, which means that the cold months have arrived and, more importantly, that you have a draught somewhere in your home that needs sorting asap!

You can easily and comfortably survive cold winters if your home is ready for the task. There is no need to cover yourself in a mountain of blankets to feel warm if your home is properly insulated and draughtproof, so it’s important to start getting your home ready now.

Seal windows and doors. 

If you are feeling chilly breezes in your home, handyman in London, The Handy Squad recommends checking for small cracks and gaps around your doors, windows and letterboxes. These can be easily sealed with insulating strips by you or, in case you don’t have that much time in your hands, any general handyman will be able to do this for you.

Have proper loft insulation.

As this article on Money Supermarket mentions, “around a quarter of heat in your house is lost through the roof.” For this reason, insulating your loft is highly important. By doing this, not only will you reduce heat loss in your home but will also save energy and reduce utility bills.

Clean the gutters.

It’s also essential to clean your house gutters as soon as the leaves start piling up, so they don’t overflow, which could lead to water leaking into your home.

Bleed radiators.

Lindy Loves recommends making sure your radiators are working perfectly for when you most need them as “the last thing you want is to come home during a cold winter night and find out that your radiator isn’t working.” 

Light the way.

Make sure your exterior lights are working before the days start getting darker earlier, and if you don’t have exterior lighting, consider installing some, at least near your entrance to help you quickly see where your keyhole is.

Do an energy audit.

Kate On Thin Ice advises contacting a professional to conduct an energy audit as they will be able to find any faults with your appliances and electrical circuit and fix them before it’s too late.

Do you have other tips to prepare for the colder months?  

This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter Ad Lab, Magento website design agency in London. She loves all things home-related and you will see her name pop-up on both lifestyle and travel blogs.

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