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How to Choose the Best Mattress for Your New Bed

by TimeWithThea

Picking out a new bed can be fun! You can choose all kinds of attractive styles whether you want classic wood, a romantic four poster, or even sexy leather. When you are designing or decorating your bedroom, you tend to go for beds you like the look of, and fit them in with the décor you have in mind.


Then comes the trickier part – kitting your bed out with a mattress! Mattresses may all look basically the same, so aren’t so fun for those with a design mindset to choose. However, the kind of mattress you pick will make a huge difference to how well you sleep, and may even help with problems you have been experiencing, such as lower back pain.

There are all different types of mattresses out there, and while it is generally best to go for a good brand to ensure you get quality, the style of mattress you get is very much down to personal preferences and needs.

Foam or Spring?

Traditional mattresses are made with springs and then layers of padding on top. ‘Memory foam’ mattresses are made just of foam. Foam mattresses come in different densities, whereas with spring mattresses the differences are in the number of springs. The more springs there are, the more expensive the mattress usually is, and while this can be an indicator that a mattress is better quality or higher end, it isn’t actually better for everyone. Equally, while memory foam is advertised as a revolutionary thing that will change the way you feel forever, this isn’t the case for everybody and some people still sleep better on a spring mattress, even on one with relatively few coils!


Really, you can only know which mattress is right for you by testing a few out. If you want to take advantage of online bargains you still can – just go to a bed shop, test out the mattresses, and then search for the brand and style you like online when you get home! It may seem a bit cheeky but plenty of people do this. If you sleep alone, go and test out the beds to your heart’s content and choose the one you love most – anyone who joins you in it at a later date will just have to put up with your preferences! If you sleep as a couple, make sure you test the mattresses together. This is not just to make sure you find one you both like, but also because it may feel different with you both lying on it than with just one of you (so don’t take it in turns – test it together!). Stay on each bed for a few minutes to truly get a feel for it, and don’t test beds when you are tired – if you are exhausted every mattress will feel good!

Mattresses are all about preference and there are no rules about which is ‘best’ – even research on the matter has come up inconclusive, revealing that it really is a question of what feels good and comfortable to you!

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