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Give Your Home A Spring Makeover

by TimeWithThea
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Time flies, or if you want to sound clever, you can even say it in Latin as the Romans used to, Tempus fugit. Whichever language you use, it doesn’t change the feeling. It seems that it was only yesterday when you started to put your Christmas decorations in the house – by the way, if you haven’t taken them off already, these really need to go back into the attic for now. And now, it’s already spring and the season of renewal is blowing flower kisses into every garden. You’ve certainly heard about the great spring makeover – if you haven’t: Where have you been during the last years? – and now is the time to start yours. But instead of just swapping your winter for your summer wardrobe, you can go the extra mile this year, and give your house a complete spring makeover.

The Essential Cleaning

First of all, it’s not called spring makeover for nothing. Your first action, before starting the makeover, is to go through the house and the garden and check how everything has survived the winter. Make a note of anything that needs fixing, and get in touch with professional engineers if you can’t fix it yourself. There are certain things that you shouldn’t play with, for instance cutting overgrown branches of your tallest trees is something that you can entrust to a professional gardener. Similarly, anything that relates to plumbing or electricity should be referred to your local plumber or electrician. But you can attend to the rest without worry. Start the big cleaning operation, so that the house is ready for the next step of the makeover.

DIY Home Improvements For The Crafter

Don’t they say that spring is the season of renewal? Let it inspire you to start a DIY home improvement project. Before you start, do make sure that you have all the tools you need .The first step in all home improvement projects is to measure the room and draw a plan. Don’t work without a plan as this will make it easier to project the new décor. Then, all you need is to get going with painting, sawing, building. If you are repainting a room, remember to take into consideration the amount of natural sunlight. If the room doesn’t receive much sunlight now, it will be worse in winter, so avoid any dark color.

Don’t Forget Your Garden

The spring makeover can also come into your garden. After the necessary maintenance work, which consists in mowing the lawn and remove all the weeds and overgrown plants, it’s time to consider dynamic landscaping ideas for your garden. You can add colorful accents with flower containers for a small garden, or you can choose to playful patterns with your paths and plantings to create a dramatic atmosphere in long gardens.

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