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Get your house prepared for winter now

by TimeWithThea
get your house prepared for winter

We know, we know: winter is but a distant spot out on the horizon. It’s all just left. For the next few months, it’s all about those summer vibes. However, just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean we can’t keep one eye on the DIY jobs that’ll make life all the easier and get your house prepared for winter for when the cold weather returns. When that happens, we all want to be happy and snuggled up inside on the couch, not dealing with DIY tasks! Instead, take care of them when the weather is fine, and life is easy: summer.

Prepping the Essentials

You don’t want to get into winter, only to realize that something big is faulty and you’re left out in the cold (sometimes literally). Use the long summer hours to get your house prepared for winter. This is your time to check any drafts that might make it chilly – learn how at https://energy.gov/energysaver/detecting-air-leaks -, fix any holes – or potential holes – in the roof, check your water boiler, and so on. All of these tasks will be a breeze in summer, but a nightmare in winter.

Staying Toasty

If you want to comfortably warm in winter, you need to get everything in place before the chill sets in. During summer, take a look at installing heated towel rails. When that first chilly morning arrives, you’ll be ready to stay nice and warm when you step out of the shower. You can also look at adding an instant hot water tap. You won’t drink too many hot drinks during the summer, but it’ll be good to go during winter!

Take Care of the Energy

Your energy bills are barely given a second thought during summer because you’re not really using that much energy. You are using energy during winter, though. Take this opportunity to review your energy supplier deals, or to look at better ways you reduce your energy use. When it comes to the stage that you’re using plenty of energy, you’ll be grateful that made the changes, especially when the bills come in.

Any Big DIY Projects

You don’t want to be walking around a building site when the weather is cold outside. This will let in more drafts, will be colder on your feet, and will generally be a less pleasant place to be. In summer, you’re mostly outside anyway, or can be, so this is a good time to make the big changes in your home. It doesn’t matter if your home isn’t perfect when you’re not even spending time there! Also, the later sunset will mean you’re able to work on your projects later and still have the time to do other fun things, too.

The Trees

And finally, to the garden, which is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time anyway. Take a look at any threatening trees that might cause some damage to your property if there was a storm, and get them taken care of/removed.

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