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Get Body Confident Without Breaking the Bank

by TimeWithThea

Do you know a single woman who’s completely happy with every aspect of their appearance? Me neither! Even those whom we admire as paragons of beauty and grace look at themselves in the mirror some mornings and bemoan their uncooperative hair, emerging muffin tops and seemingly indestructible cellulite. As incomprehensible as it may seem, pretty much everyone experiences issues with confidence. Women and men of all shapes and sizes nurture some serious loathing for parts of themselves that most of us won’t even notice.

The beauty industry is a billion dollar behemoth that seems to give with one hand and take with the other. As much fun as it is to build an arsenal of gorgeous makeup palettes, eyeliners and lipsticks it’s important not to compare yourself to the images of airbrushed perfection that permeate the makeup aisles of department stores.
Beauty products are absolutely fine, but body confidence is neither a quick fix that can be purchased nor something that needs to break the bank.

Body confidence is a state of mind

Low body confidence severely undermines our self-esteem and unfortunately, it’s not something that springs up overnight. It’s often the psychological product of years of interaction with the media and the people around you, and it can’t be undone overnight. If you often complain about your appearance and your friends assure you to the contrary, it’s possible that they’re not just being polite, you may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder causing you to perceive flaws that your self-image grossly distorts Consulting with a mental health professional can help you to address the causes of your body issues and lessen their impact on your self-esteem and your ability to function with confidence.

Surgical solutions. What you need to know

Cosmetic procedures may be an option for you in extreme circumstances, but it’s vitally important that you go into a procedure mentally prepared with your eyes wide open. Procedures vary wildly and some are far less invasive than you may think. If you do decide to opt for an invasive procedure, you owe it to yourself to spend a lot of time researching the surgeon and medical group. Attend as many consultations as possible. Any surgeon worth their salt will encourage you to think long and hard about whether the procedure is for you, and will be open and honest about any side effects and consequences. If you’re pressured into booking a procedure almost immediately then that should be a serious red flag.  

Diet and exercise. The best long term solution

If your body image issues are weight or size related then a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you to melt away excess flesh but the benefits of diet and exercise don’t stop there. Regular exercise releases endorphins that will contribute to a general sense of wellbeing while increasing your consumption of healthy foods and ditching fatty, sugary and salty convenience foods will improve your energy levels and get every day started on a positive note.

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