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Emergency Relief at Home When There’s No Doctor Around

by TimeWithThea
Emergency Relief

Panic is usually associated with rash decisions and fear. If you ever end up with pains or debilitating symptoms at home, then your first instinct might be to call a hospital. Sadly, if there are no doctors around and your local medical centre is closed, then you have no other choice than to call emergency services. Unfortunately, it might not even be needed and you might be panicking for no real reason. If you need emergency relief, then you’ll be surprised to learn that you can solve most of your issues with simple household products and basic ingredients.

There are hundreds of different ways to solve common problems at home. For instance, you might think you have symptoms of a stomach infection or abdominal problems, but in reality, it could just be trapped gas. If you’re feeling dizzy and can’t muster up the strength to do anything, then it could just be dehydration, something that’s easily fixed by drinking more water. 

Stomach Pain

Stomach pains can have a variety of different causes, but the first thing you should do is apply something hot to the affected area. This can be a hot water bottle wrapped in a thin shirt or it could be pressing your stomach against a radiator. This will help to emergency relief the pain temporarily and give you enough time to decide your next action without clutching your stomach. You can usually tell it’s trapped gas if you’ve eaten something bad, if you’re having trouble passing wind, or if your stomach looks more bloated than usual. If trapped wind is something that happens on a regular basis to you, then you may need to rethink your diet and cut down on things like fizzy drinks and starchy foods.

Sore Throat

Most people would recommend that you gargle salt water if you want to relieve the pain from a sore throat. However, the most effective method is to actually gargle the salt itself. It sounds silly, but by using a straw or salt shaker, you could essentially feed the salt to the back of your throat where the harmful and painful bacteria is. It’s a very fast cure that acts almost immediately and it’s perfect to stave off a developing throat infection if you feel it coming.

Joint Pains

If your joints are giving you a lot of trouble, then Epsom salts may be the cure you need. Buy a large pack of Epsom salts and determine where the joint pains are. If it’s somewhere accessible such as your wrist or elbow, then fill a container with water, drop half a cup of Epsom salts in, mix it, and then soak the affected joint for about 10-15 minutes. If the pains are all over or in hard to reach areas like your knee, then run a warm bath and do the same with more Epsom salt. This will relieve the pains for a while but it’s not a replacement for a good fitness regime.

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