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Easy steps to help complete a garden makeover

by TimeWithThea
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It’s that time of year again. Where we dust off the summer clothes from our wardrobes, put those sunglasses on our heads and enjoy the outdoors. Fresh air and al fresco dining. Some people are lucky enough to have an outdoor area at their home, but it can often feel like a huge task to make it a lovely and enjoyable space to be. Which is why I thought that the time was right to share with you some of the easy steps you can take to completing a garden makeover.

Decide how you want to use your outdoor space

The first step to take is to consider how you want to use your outdoor space. What do you want from your garden or back yard? Do you want somewhere to enjoy a nice drink quietly? Or perhaps somewhere to entertain and dine in the evening sunshine? Maybe it’s just a case of having a space to exercise or even just hang your washing out to dry. Whatever your goals might be for your garden or outdoor space, make sure you have them clear in your mind. This is so you can ensure that the next steps you take with a garden makeover will be solely what you want.

Get things ready

Now you know what you want to do it’s time to start putting the plan into action. It’s best to tidy up the garden completely to know exactly what you have to work with and what needs to be done. The chances are your garden, or outdoor area will have had no maintenance for several months. So it’s important to ensure that you know what requires your focus. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to tackle those yearly chores, so clearing out the gutters or even getting your power washer out to clean up patios or decking areas. Tidying up helps create a blank canvas.

Consider storage options to keep your garden tidy

Clearing everything away doesn’t necessarily mean this task is complete. After all, some of those items like garden tools or furniture may need a place to be stored away when you are not using them. So it might be the time to consider adding some storage to your garden. Perhaps a shed if you have the space for it. It can help keep the garden a useable space at all times.

Invest in some new items and furniture

Clearing the garden and tidying away opens up the door to add some new things to your garden. Perhaps some new grey rattan garden furniture or investing in a new BBQ, for example. It helps outline how you want to use the garden and provides you with the means to do so.

Focus some time on the flowers and any lawned areas you have

Finally, winter can be harsh on any lawned areas or flowers you may have so it might be worth focusing your attention on improving these areas. Giving the grass a good cut and ensuring you treat any weeds that have popped up in the lawn or flower beds.

I hope these easy steps help you transform your garden.

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