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Do your jeans really fit you?

by TimeWithThea

Jeans, jeans everywhere, but what is the right kind for your body type? There are many articles available online about how to find out what your exact body shape is, and how to use it while shopping for jeans. This can be useful information, but my advice to you is not to get hung up on it, and rather to find a pair of jeans that looks good on you, regardless of what your type is.

Take care

A few universal rules apply to all pairs of jeans. The first is logical – look after them as well as you can. When you take care of denim, it will last for many seasons on end. Take care not to overwash your jeans, and to get the most life out of them, wash them in cold water. Stretchy jeans will benefit from fabric softener to maintain their stretchiness.

Body type matters

Consider your body type when you are out shopping for jeans. Help you to make the right decision over choosing something fashionable, which seldom looks good if it is not worn by someone with the right body type. As an example, if your body is pear-shaped, it means that the bulk of your weight lies in your hips and thighs. Mid-rise jeans will shave centimetres off and make your legs look longer!
Don’t lose heart while you search for the perfect pair of jeans. The effort you put into finding them will be worthwhile once you find that perfect look, and you’ll be buying a second pair of the same thing before you know it! Do not underestimate the power of a perfect-fitting pair of jeans, and remember the golden rule: You don’t need the “perfect” body to pull off the perfect jeans.

Creating the right illusions

No matter what your body type is, I guarantee you there is a pair of jeans that will flatter your figure. Curvy figures definitely benefit from straight leg jeans, as this elongates the legs. People with a curvy body type should also avoid stretchy denim, at this does not provide enough support. A darker coloured pair of jeans is also priceless in streamlining your overall shape.

You might as well make peace with it upfront that buying jeans is based on trial and error. Keep an open mind and try on as many styles as you possibly can.
If you are of a petite build, skinny or straight leg jeans will suit you fabulously. Choosing a style with a high rise waist a long way in making your legs look much longer and making your waist look much smaller, to highlight and show off your proportions.

Taller people, in particular those with long legs, should take care where the waist of their jeans sits. If your waistline is too high, it can make your legs look disproportionately long and your torso very short. Mid-rise and low-rise styles will neutralize this effect. A darker wash will help you to add style and dimension to your look.

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