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Dazzling DIY Wedding Decorations for Brides on a Budget

by TimeWithThea

All people want the wedding of their dreams but reality necessitates placing a cap on the budget.  Rather than cut corners when it comes to the photographer, wedding cake, or other major staple, couples save money and stay within budget with DIY wedding decor.

If you’re thrilled to get married but not excited about taking more money out of your pocket, pay close attention to the following before tying the knot.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are fairly cheap, look beautiful, and present a number of options for those who want to make them part of the decor or as keepsakes for attendants.  Fill the jars with candy, colorful confetti, or gag gifts.  Alternatively, fill them with water and food coloring that matches the pattern of other decor.

Christmas Ornaments

There will be no other day as special as your wedding day, but the downside is that it only comes once.  However, wedding Christmas ornaments present opportunity to relive the magical day during the holiday season.  As an added bonus, the ornaments can decorate reception tables and later serve as a keepsake that friends and family members may take home.

Fresh Flowers

Florists cost money, so you might as well try to get as much out of the partnership with them as possible.  In addition to floral arrangements for the ceremony and after party, inquire about getting more buds to serve as corsages and boutonnieres.  In addition to making attendants feel more special for being in attendance, the small tokens will make them look snazzy for pictures.

Chair Sashes

For a limited amount of money, sashes can dramatically improve the look of the room by tying them to the back of attendants’ chairs.  Choose colors to match the wedding palette or a variety of colors so each table is color coded to help friends and family find reserved tables.  Visit a fabric store and buy in bulk to save money rather than individually or in small packs.

 Floating Candle Bowls

Simple and effective, small tea candles may be placed in tiny fishbowls to make quaint and decorative centerpieces.  Rather than spend extra on expensive floral arrangements, take an idea from above and place food dye in a water bowl and place a candle floating on top for added aesthetic.


Ostrich, pheasant, hackle, and other varieties of feathers add color and panache to the back of chairs, table cloths, and doorways.  For added effect, place a bunch together to resemble a floral arrangement that won’t eat into your budget.

Pots and Planters

Fill flower pots and planters with silk or paper flowers rather than the real thing and allow attendants to take the ensembles home with them as keepsakes.  To take it a step further, use finger paints to personalize the pots, putting the name of individuals and couples on the side, or write a ‘thank you’ message to express your level of appreciation.

You’ll never forget your wedding day but there’s no reason to be haunted by the expenses.  There are tons of ways to save money without sacrificing charm and class regarding your decor.

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