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Complete The Look: Must-Wear Accessories For This Summer

by TimeWithThea

It’s all well and good digging your favourite shorts and summer dresses out of your wardrobe in anticipation of the summer, but do you know what accessories to match them with? While some accessories are good for adding a little glamour to an outfit, summer accessories should also have a touch of practicality. After all, now that you’re not weighed down with a winter coat, you’ve also lost access to the pockets where you’d normally store your keys and purse. Here are the essential accessories to wear this summer, that are both functional and fabulous.


This essential accessory has the most important job of protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays, including blind spots, cataracts, or even complete loss of sight. Of course, buying a fashionable pair of sunglasses can be fun, and there is nothing wrong with choosing a few shades to complement several summer outfits, but be sure to check if they have adequate UV protection.

Light Scarves

Light summer scarves are a bold addition to any outfit, and can protect against overly cool breezes, or heavy air conditioning in restaurants. To stay warm, wrap a lightweight scarf around your neck to dress up jeans and a tee, or wear one with your favorite dress. Scarves also provide extra coverage at the beach or by the pool.


With the loss of pockets from winter jackets, summer handbags must have plenty of space to hold other essentials such as water, sunscreen, or a towel for the beach. A large tote bag is usually the best solution, and they can look colourful, or neutral. However, if you’re just strolling in your summer dress, a small bag with a long chain and a lot of detail makes for a perfect match. Whatever the occasion, there are plenty of summer handbags to complement your summer dress.


Summer is the time to make an impact with your fashion jewellery. Let your imagination run wild and choose statement jewellery to combine with any outfit. Colourful necklaces, big stones, and large bracelets are all excellent for making a noticeable statement this summer.


They shield your face from the sun, and complement your beach outfit. A wide-brimmed raffia sunhat gives a nice boho style to any outfit, and looks good with just about anything. Straw beach hats are now more commonly seen by the seaside, but there are a wide range of hats to suit any excursion this summer.


Wedges and sandals are the most versatile footwear of the summer, because they can go from poolside casual, match perfectly to a flirty sundress, and can carry you on a night on the town. However, if you’re going to be wearing them all the time, you need to be 100 percent certain that they provide adequate arch support and heel cushioning before you consider spending money on them. A cute pair of natural wedges quickly lose their appeal if you find yourself hobbling in pain only a few hours into your outing.

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