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Bringing the outside in with a retractable roof

by TimeWithThea

With summer ending and the days getting colder, spending time outside isn’t as enjoyable as it is during summer. The sunny days have now transformed into cloudy days and the long warm days are slowly turning into short, dark and chilly ones. Will it rain? You ask yourself. More like, when will it rain? Can I enjoy one last lunch outside? Could I go outside to breathe in some fresh air without having to wear five layers of clothing? 

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, I know how you feel. You love spending time outside and couldn’t get enough of those lovely warm and sunny days of summer that feel like a big hug but, with the weather changing, spending time outside isn’t as easy as it used to be. I know it’s only been two weeks since the British summer ended and I know I might be a bit dramatic about this, but it’s how I feel.

So, you can understand how happy I was when I found out about retractable louvred roofs from Designer Shades. These are modern pergolas that feature a retractable and tilting louvred roof which can either be attached to your property or standalone to act as a weatherproof retreat in the middle of your garden.

As this article on Scrapbook Blog mentions, with these modern pergolas you will be protected against the rain and wind, meaning that you can enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather. I agree with her blog post when she mentions how beautiful and elegant traditional pergolas are, however, they are not functional for British homes.

These retractable louvred roofs are often used in commercial buildings, such as restaurants, bars and hotels to ensure customers can enjoy their open areas all year round. The same applies to houses! Who said that you can’t have a bit of luxury within your home? Plus, these can even come with automated settings to react to different weather conditions, which sounds incredible!

“If it’s raining you can easily close the roof, if it’s too sunny you can simply have it tilted or you can have it fully open.” As The Incidental Parent says on her blog post. These pergolas can be combined with side screens, heating and lighting for a complete weatherproof hut!

 This article was written by Carolina Neves, lead copywriter at Magento website designers Ad Lab.

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