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Amouage Honour Woman Eau de Parfum – Review

by TimeWithThea
Amouage Honour

I love perfumes that are very different from one another, but if anyone insists on finding what kind of mixture that fascinates me most, my infallible answer is that I like white flower perfumes. These occupy the first place and that’s why, after I’ve discovered that I can get along great with the quirky gardenia and feared tuberose, and started having fun looking for their most successful representations in perfumes. There are perfumes that can pull out real masterpieces out of these two flowers, but, obviously, there are some that don’t do it that well. But we are not talking about those now, because Amouage Honour is not bad nor perfect.

For me, it’s somewhere in the middle. This means I like feeling it on others, and I like it even now to smell it off my hand, although I have solid reasons to believe I am not going to wear it. Like it happens with perfumes and in the culinary experiences, I love trying original recipes, not fearing to try a new flavor and avoid preconceived ideas. But if I feel a note that does not suit me, regardless of how much the other tones mask it I still feel it way too much, this will ruin all my fun.

In the case of Amouage Honour, I make reference to the rhubarb. Amouage strays a little from its rule of not offering simple harmonies, Amouage Honour is as simple as it gets and contrary, per se, to Lyric, which is said to have the perfect rose, although I have to brutally cut with a machete all the bushes to get to the “rose”. While here in Amouage Honour I have gardenia and especially tuberose. What a relief! Just don’t get excited too soon, as Amouage Honour gives them to you fast, but only with a condition: packed with rhubarb. I am sorry, but I can feel it. It is vegetal-green and juicy. It has a specific scent and covers the flowers rather much.

The flowers are, on the other hand, wonderful. The gardenia more discreet while the tuberose is more prominent, with a powdery whiff and disturbingly sensual. It is like I see them languorously twining in the wind of the zephyr. Maybe if I put a little effort in… maybe if I would wear it for just a few days more… it would be like a convenience marriage. “I’ll do my best!”. But I will still cheat with Gardenia Isabey and Petit Fracas.

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