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A training device that can improve your breathing

by TimeWithThea

Did it ever occur to you that you can train to improve your breathing, increase stamina and reduce fatigue at the same time? Powerbreathe breathing trainer is a device developed by scientists to help people with various health conditions and athletes alike. Considering the background created by Covid-19, the health risks we’re facing and troublesome recovery after the infection, a breathing trainer can make things better for you.

  • What is Powerbreathe?

Although it sounds new to you, Powerbreathe is a device that has been made since the ‘90. And also, since then it has been used to help people improve their breathing ability and physical condition. Who uses it? The device was created to serve both people suffering from various illnesses, but also healthy people. Practically, anyone could use it, regardless of age and physical condition. It was scientifically tested and proven to provide results in just a few weeks of use.

  • How does it work?

Powerbreathe is a device that works by training the muscles responsible for breathing. Thus, its results are based on Inspiratory Muscle Training. More precisely, when you use the device, you train your muscles to help you breathe better. This means your lungs will fill with oxygen faster and more effectively, allowing you to support the range of physical activities you’re unrolling throughout the day.

Still, how will Powerbreathe train your muscles? Just think about how you train any other muscle groups. You use weights to inflict a range of resistance, pushing your muscles to work harder. This, in time, will make them grow stronger and be more resilient. The Powerbreathe mouthpiece works in a similar manner. It uses a certain degree of resistance when you breathe in, making the diaphragm and chest expanding muscles work harder in order to allow more air to get into the lungs. The level of resistance used by the mouthpiece can be adjusted, so you can increase its level of difficulty according to your training level.

  • Who can benefit from using Powerbreathe?

Although this medical device can be used for a wide range of purposes, we will focus on the aspect that is more present nowadays. Many people got infected with the Covid-19 virus, which impaired their breathing ability to some degree. Even before the pandemic, Powerbreathe helped people suffering from conditions that were affecting their breathing. Now, during this pandemic, it can certainly help people regain their breathing ability, by assisting them for a faster and more effective recovery after the infection with the virus.

The World Health Organization recently recommended this device for such purposes, recognizing its value for Covid-19 patients. By training the inspiratory muscles, you help the lungs get more air and prevent fatigue from installing so quickly. 

However, it is worth mentioning that Powerbreathe is not just for recovery after sickness. It can be easily used by healthy people as well. By increasing one’s lung capacity, it can improve the person’s physical stamina and performance. For example, athletes could run faster and for longer if they can breathe better. Due to this reason, it is already used by people practicing sports, including Olympians who wish to get in the best shape for a competition.

Powerbreathe breathing trainer is a medical device, developed and tested by scientists, which can provide palpable results. Trials and studies have been conducted over time, which stand as proof that the device is capable of producing the desired results. Whether you want to increase your stamina or get better after a Covid-19 infection, Powerbreathe is the drug-free solution that can help you out.

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