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7 Important Skin Tips from Dermatologists

by TimeWithThea

Dermatologists are doctors who have specialized in dermatology in completing their medical degree. In fact, there are far too many doctors advertising themselves as dermatologists out there. Hence, you need to be somewhat cautious when selecting a dermatologist for your skin problems. If in doubt at any time, you must ask for their specialization certificate. This is how you can identify a professional dermatologist.

Facials Are Not For Everyone

Facials are not suited for everyone out there. Facials should be avoided by anyone with a tendency for acne, rosacea and breakouts. A recent study shows that more than 80% of these people may actually aggravate breakouts. This is why you need to go for medical grade facials at your dermatologist’s clinic, and not to the spas located in every nook and corner in town.

Diet Matters

There is so much of negative coverage about sugar in the press at the moment. Sugar can have nasty effects on your skin too. In fact, the diet we intake affect the health of our skin, especially the rate at which it ages.

Stress Is Aging

There is so much of positive coverage about mindfulness in the mainstream media today. In fact, the benefits of meditation for a healthy skin are often overlooked because of this. Our ability to reduce stress, and avoid raised cortisol levels is one of the main reasons to slow down the skin’s aging process.

Mole Management

As a dermatologist, I stress the importance of conducting mole checks with your dermatologist. Visit your dermatologist at least once a year for this purpose. Don’t forget to self-examine your skin at least once a month from top to bottom.

Tailor To Your Skin

Many people believe that thick rich creams are the best moisturizing agent for people with sensitive skin. This is not 100% true. It is best to tailor any skincare product to your skin type and condition. Your dermatologist is the best person to advise you in this regard. Make sure you consult a dermatologist with special interests in skincare and aesthetic dermatology.

Patience Is Key

Many sufferers of acne have a tendency to use their acne treatment even if they develop pimples and inflamed spots on the skin. But acne scarring can only be treated once all the acne has fully burnt out. Addressing the problem too early will inflame the acne lesions. The best thing is to visit your dermatologist to get your acne condition treated for good.

Aqueous Irritates

Aqueous cream is only a soap substitute, and not a moisturizer. Most people misguidedly leave-on the cream to treat eczema or sensitivity. This is sometimes encouraged by their GP or pharmacist. Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) is present in this product. It acts like a foam agent, which is a common ingredient in many skincare products.

Forget Face Wipes

Facial wipes are not effective replacements for proper cleaning of the face. Face wipes are OK if there is no other way of cleaning your face at the moment. Face wipes never do the job like water.

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