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4 Things causing your bad skin you never considered

by TimeWithThea
Bad Skin

Having bad skin is pretty much the worst thing a girl can wear. You could spend hundreds and hundreds on the most outrageously beautiful clothes you’ve ever seen but it won’t matter because bad skin will still trump it. After all, skin affects confidence, and confidence is so damn sexy.

If you are someone that suffers from bad skin then you’ve no doubt done your research and found out that you have spots because you produce too much oil or you have blocked hair follicles and all that stuff that makes you believe it is unavoidable.

But these aren’t the only big variables. There are loads of stuff you are probably doing on a tri-daily basis that sucks on the skin front, and we’re about to tell you about them:

Your Addiction To Spicy Food

The thing with spicy foods, like curry, is they tend to contain chilis and tomatoes, both of which contain acidic lycopene. If that word is mumbo-jumbo to you (and it probably will be) what it does is throw your skin’s pH level right off and cause your skin to breakout in spots. As such, we recommend you take a mini-break away from your curry-love and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t then it could be another food type you love that is the issue, which could mean trial and error.

You’re Using The Wrong Products

Yes, there is such thing as the wrong product, and these tend to be anything that contains mineral oils. Why? Because they are heavy and that means they clog pores and that means you get spots. Silicone is another one to avoid. Unfortunately, both of these are found in face washes. Luckily, research has shown that organic is the way to go on this front because the best face washes for acne that are ACTUALLY organic avoid all of these and use hyaluronic acids. Not only do these deal with breakouts, they actually prevent them from breaking out in the future.

Your Hair Products Are Doing Harm

You shampoo and conditioner likely has a ton of sulfates and silicones (yup, they’re back!) in them simply because these are the main cleaning agents found in shampoos and conditioners. These are bad because they seep into your pores, block them and then welcome spots in. Not just on your face either. Chest acne is caused by this, the dreaded bacne, and those little blackheads that love your hairline. The best way to combat this is to position your head differently and then make sure you have a thorough rinse with water to finish off. It is that simple.

Smoking Sucks. Period.

There are so many reasons why smoking is the worst. Your heart starts to struggle and your lungs get introduced to a world of pain, to name just a couple. But given both of these negatives apply to the inside of your body not many people care. It is a superficial world we live in, after all. However, for every drag of a cigarette you take, the less oxygen your body gets and that means the less chance your body has of fighting spots. This is because smoking reduces the elasticity of your skin, which makes pores bigger. So, yeah, stop smoking. Please.

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