Smart And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Smart And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies ~

Summer + Warm Temperatures + Fresh Fruit = Fruit Flies!

Are you bothered by pesky fruit flies? It is quite remarkable how they seem to show up when you have yummy fresh summer fruit in the house. Plus, they are not like the typical housefly that doesn’t seem to mind flying solo. No, these little guys seem to enjoy hanging around with their buddies in large clusters.

They also make delicious peaches, sweet raspberries and fragrant strawberries quickly become unappetizing and a turn off by just hanging around or landing on the fruit and enjoying its tasty juices. Yuck!

Smart And Easy Way To Get Rid OF Fruit Flies {Time With Thea}

They also seem to know where all of the good stuff is in your kitchen compost bowl. I wrote about how I also control the fruit fly problem by using this simple method to collect my compost scraps in the post My Inexpensive Handy Kitchen Compost Bowl.

There is a smart and easy way to get rid of fruit flies that doesn’t involve using chemicals, is not labour intensive or time consuming. Nor does it require any expensive or hard to find materials.

Are you ready to get rid of these pesky insects?


  • Plastic container like a used yogurt container or a large plastic drinking cup
  • Plastic wrap
  • Scotch tape or an elastic band
  • Small pieces of fresh fruit and/or fruit remnants as in peels, pits, stems from fruits like banana peels, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, peach
  • Small sharp object like a tack or a pin


  1. Make sure all fresh fruit is put away in the fridge or a sealed container. This means no lovely fruit in a basket on the kitchen counter or fruit peels and pits in the trash bin.
  2. Place a few pieces of fruit, peels or pits in the plastic container.
  3. Cover the plastic container with clear plastic wrap.
  4. Tightly secure the plastic wrap over the top of the plastic container. Further secure the plastic wrap with either an elastic band or scotch tape.
  5. Use the pin to randomly poke about 10-12 holes into the plastic wrap.

There are a few things that need to be done in order for this method for getting rid of fruit flies to work. As previously stated, you have to make sure all other sources of fruit are tucked away. If they aren’t, the fruit flies are going to go for the good stuff first. The second thing is that the plastic wrap has to be transparent so a covering like foil will not work. Not only do the fruit flies have to smell the fruit, they also have to see it. The holes poked into the plastic wrap need to be small enough for them to get in but not too big for them to get out again. When using the pin to poke the holes be sure not to make them too big. Also make sure the plastic wrap is wrapped tightly and secured firmly with the tape because you don’t want these little guys to find a way to escape once you captured them.

One more thing is you may need to make several smart and easy fruit fly traps like this depending upon how many of these little pesky things are trying to enjoy the tasty fruits in your kitchen. I also replace this little trap every couple of days because it does start to look a little gross when the fruit starts to go bad and it is filled with a collection of fruit flies buzzing around and trying to escape. By the way, you will notice the fruit flies start to get quite plump inside the plastic container.

Here are photographs of this smart and easy way to get rid of fruit flies. It isn’t a pretty idea but it is a smart idea that really works!

Smart And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies {Time With Thea} Smart And Easy Way To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies {Time With Thea} Smart And Easy Way To Get rid Of Fruit Flies {Time With Thea}

Now it is your turn. Are you bothered by fruit flies? If so, what smart and easy ways do you have to get rid of them?

Hope this helps…

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  1. says

    Ive been making the exact same trap for years! In fact, there is one sitting in my office kitchen right now :)

    I usually keep my compost in the freezer so thankfully I dont get fruit flies much at home anymore