Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies ~

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I am excited to share with you how I store my craft room supplies using inexpensive items.

I’m fortunate to have a room in our home that we call ‘The Studio’. It isn’t a huge room but it is a great space that  serves as our office, sewing room and craft room. If you know me personally or have been following my blog you will know that I love to be organized and I’m always looking for inexpensive ideas to store things. This room is no exception.

Today I want to take you on a tour of how I use an inexpensive IKEA bookcase to store some of the craft supplies that I have.

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}


We have owned this bookcase for 26 years. The reason why I know the exact length of time is because we bought it for our first daughter’s baby room. I think we only paid about $50.00 for it and it has stood up quite well. It isn’t a full BILLY Bookcase because the shelving is actually quite narrow but it worked quite well to store little baby books and other little baby items.

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

This bookcase has been used different ways to store different items in different rooms in three different homes ever since. When the second baby daughter was born this bookcase was moved into her bedroom to be used to store her little baby things.

Then it was moved into my sewing room in the basement in a previous home to store my sewing supplies. It came along with us when we moved into our present home and was used to store pocket books in a spare bedroom. I did seriously think to get rid of it and donate it to a thrift store to the point that I had it sitting in the garage ready to load up in the car. It actually sat there for several months because it was a task I just wasn’t getting to.

I decided to add some design to the studio and spend some time really organizing it by making it a more decorative and functional space. It came to me in an ‘a-ha’ moment that this bookcase still had some life in it and would be perfect to store craft items. So it was rescued from the garage and carried upstairs. It worked out perfectly! It definitely was an inexpensive clever choice.

Top Shelf

I decided not to use the top shelf for storage. Instead I wanted to add some decorative touches so I placed three bright floral stretched canvas photographs that I paid about $5.00 each several years ago. You will also notice that the walls in this room are painted a brilliant apple green. Yup! That is the colour. This studio is upstairs on the top floor. It has one window that faces north and so I wanted a bright cheerful colour to help me be inspired, creative and productive.

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

Shelf #2

On this shelf I have four photo album boxes with two dollar store baskets resting on top. The green baskets store my collection of craft scissors and wax crayons which are kind of handy to have when crafting. The photo album boxes store my narrow ribbon, sticker and embellishment collection. These are more detailed posts I have shared previously explaining how these items are organized in the photo boxes:

How To Organize And Store Narrow Craft Ribbon

How To Organize And Store Your Scrapbook Embellishments And Stickers

I paid $2.50 for each box and $1.00 for each basket so the total cost of storage for this shelf was $12.00!

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

Shelf #3

This shelf stores my collection of pens, markers, pencil crayons and other similar items. They are organized in clear glasses that I picked up at the dollar store. I really like this system because when I’m working on a project everything is easy to see as well as easy to retrieve and return. For this storage idea I paid $14.00 for the 14 glasses!

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

Shelf #4

This shelf has two clear bins that I paid $1.00 each for to store different liquid items like paints, Mod Podge and my glue gun supplies. I like that the contents are easy to see, collect and return to their storage spot. These clear plastic bins were actually designed to store shoes but I like how they keep these craft items organized.

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

Shelf #5

You will notice that this shelf has more photo boxes that store more stickers and embellishments. These four photo boxes ended up being $10.00. I actually made the two trays on top from Christmas card boxes and they a great for storing bits and pieces. I used items I had in the house so it really was an inexpensive storage project to make. I share this little storage project here: How To Make A Storage Tray

Shelf #6

The bottom shelf has a fabric covered storage box with a lid where I keep my camera accessories. I bought that on sale for about $5.00. The other clever storage item I have is actually meant to be a picnic bag that I bought several years ago for about $20.00 and was no longer using. It is perfect for storing…

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea} 

… my aerosol paint cans! I love how this bag matches the colours of the bookcase and studio plus the paint cans fit perfectly and are nicely hidden inside.

Inexpensive Ideas For Storing Craft Supplies {Time With Thea}

So that’s a tour of my bookcase filled with inexpensive storage ideas. I view having a collection of craft supplies as an investment so it’s important to invest in quality storage. If your craft supplies are not easy to find chances are they are not going to be used. But storage doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a lot of fun finding your own inexpensive ideas for storing craft supplies.

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Now it is your turn.

Do you have any inexpensive clever storage ideas for your craft supplies?

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your enjoyed the tour!


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  1. Amanda says

    I love your craft room storage ideas. I, too, have bookcases I use for storing my supplies. I use white kitchen baskets from Walmart as well as repurposed mason jars to store everything from markers and pens to buttons and brads. Happy crafting!