Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots ~

Hello and thank you for stopping by! I so appreciate your visit whether you are new to the blog Time With Thea or have been a faithful and regular follower. It’s summer here in Canada now and I am enjoying spending time puttering in the garden. After our winter that never seemed to want to go away it’s finally warm outside and everything is growing. I’m amazed how gorgeous my flower garden looks after that epic winter! But today I am excited to share with you how milk cartons can be turned into chalkboard paint herb pots!

Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

The Problem

Today’s milk cartons turned into chalkboard paint herb pots project came from having a problem and looking for an easy and doable solution. Last year I received a fabulous gift from some of my colleagues. It was a gorgeous wooden basket and an assortment of herbs. I wrote about it last summer and called it My Little Herb Garden.

So this year I wanted to fill the same wooden basket with a new collection of six different herbs. When I brought them home from the nursery they came potted in small plastic growing pots with the holes on the bottom.

I knew I had to transplant them but I had no idea into what kind of plant pot. I didn’t want one with bottom holes because I didn’t want the water seeping onto the bottom of the wooden planter and possibly wrecking it. I also had trouble finding plant pots to transfer the herbs into that would look nice. They were either too tall, too big, the wrong colour or too expensive for my budget.

I also have to admit this was a project I had trouble getting to and it seemed like I had to water the herbs in their temporary pots at least twice a day because they just weren’t holding the water. This is a before photo of some very unhappy herb plants.

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Herb Pots

The Solution

I decided to make my own plant pots out of 2 liter (2 quart) milk cartons. I also wanted to mention I used juice cartons of the same size and they worked really well too. I cut the cartons to 4 inches (10 cm) the height of the wooden planter and primed and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint. These herb pots were so easy to make and I’m really happy with how they turned out. This is one of those projects that left me thinking why didn’t I think of doing this before?

How To Make Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots


  • 2 liter (quart) milk or juice cartons
  • ruler
  • pencil or pen
  • sharp scissors
  • white primer spray paint
  • black chalkboard spray paint
  • chalk


  1. Wash and rinse milk and/or juice cartons and let dry.
  2. Measure and cut cartons to desired height.
  3. Spray paint primer on outside and inside of carton. Let dry and repeat procedure to add another coat. Let dry.
  4. Spray paint two coats of black chalkboard paint on the outside and inside. Let dry between each coat.

Milk Cartons turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb PotsChalkboard Paint Herb Pots 2


This is what I think is the fun part of making milk carton turned into chalkboard paint herb pots! Using white chalk I just wrote the name of the herb on the outside. Since most of the herb names consisted of two words I wrote one word on one side and the other word on the opposite side.

Here are three labeled plant pots. Can you tell what type of herb was going to be planted in each pot?

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

Here are the answers!

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

Here are the labeled pots now planted with the herbs. I’m really happy with how the green plants look in the black pots.

Milk Cartons turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

They now will be really easy to water and take care of in the wooden planter.

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

My new little herb garden for this summer sits on a table on our patio.

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

We sit here many summer nights enjoying a cup of tea or a glass of wine. There is something quite delightful about sitting near a wooden basket of herbs and enjoying how they look and taking in their lovely fragrance!

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Paint Herb Pots

I only used six of the eight chalkboard paint herb pots for this garden. I am thinking of a few other possibilities for the extra chalkboard painted milk cartons. I can use them for other plants or they can be used to store things like nails and screws in the garage and will be so easy to label! I’m still deciding which direction I want to go.

How about you? Do you grow herbs? Do you grow them in the ground? I recently learned you have to be careful when growing mint in the ground. My friend Dani the blogger behind Life Over Easy used to grow her mint in the garden but found it to be quite a vigorous spreading plant so now she grows it in a large container pot. She wrote a very good article titled How To Grow Mint that you might want to check out.

Milk Cartons Turned Into Chalkboard Painted Herb Pots was featured on the morning New York’s PIX11 WPX-TV News program feature How To Grow A Garden In A Small Indoor Space.

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    Stopping in from Do Tell Tuesday, and fell in love with this idea. I love chalkboard painted things… a lot! This is a great way to re-use milk cartons too. Very cute!
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    Found you on Do Tell Tuesdays and love this idea. I haven’t had the guts to try chalkboard paint yet but it looks so easy and professional when done. Great idea!