Upcycled Garden Stepping Stone

Upcycled Garden Stepping Stones ~

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate that you have taken the time to check out this super easy upcycled garden stepping stone DIY project!

Upcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project {Time With Thea}

Do you know the definition of ‘upcycle’? It’s a form of reusing an item but the difference is that the item is altered into something that is of better or the same quality compared to its original form. For example, I had some garden stepping stones that I bought quite some time ago. I am thinking at least fifteen years. They were made of a heavy resin material with a light green/gray colour scheme. For most of this time they have been sitting in the garden all year round. So with their age and wear and tear from the weather elements they were looking quite dated and faded.

This is a before photo of one of the garden stepping stones…

UPcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project {Time With Thea}

…and here they are in a garden bed in the front yard.

Upcycled garden Stepping Stone {Time With Thea}

Do you see what I mean?

I didn’t want to donate them or throw them out. I saw they still had potential for being a great garden décor accessory. So now I had a great DIY project for upcycled garden stepping stones!

Here is the after photo of one of the upcycled garden stepping stones…

Upcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project {Time With Thea}

… and here they are in the same garden bed in the front yard. Now that’s a really nice update!

Upcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project  {Time With Thea}

I chose to use a black base coat and top it off with a very light coating of a metallic copper colour. My thinking is that I wanted the garden stepping stones to blend in with the garden bed. In other words, I wanted them to be noticeable but not too noticeable. I also bought the perennial Lamium, which is a shade loving ground cover. The plan is for the Lamium to cover the area and grow around the stepping stones.

I also already mentioned that this type of garden stepping stone is made of a resin type of material. I just did three of them for this project for now. I have four more that I picked up at a garage sale for just a couple of dollars. I haven’t done them yet because I’m not sure where to put them in the other garden beds. I’m also not sure whether I am going to paint them with the same colours or experiment with different combinations.

Here is how you can make your own upcycled garden stepping stone too!


  • T.S.P. All Purpose Heavy Duty Cleaner (or other similar product of your choice)
  • Garden Stepping Stone(s)
  • Sealer & Primer Spray Paint
  • Base Colour Spray Paint – matte finish for all surfaces
  • Top Coat Colour Spray Paint – metallic finish


Thoroughly wash garden stepping stone according to cleaning product package instructions.
Spray paint top of garden stepping stone with primer. Let dry for several hours.

Upcycled Garedn Stepping Stone DIY Project  {Time With Thea}
Spray paint top of garden stepping stone with base colour ensuring all areas are evenly covered. Let dry for several hours.

UPcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project {Time With Thea}
LIGHTLY apply over top of base coat metallic spray paint. Let dry for several hours.

Upcycled Garden Stepping Stone DIY Project  {Time With Thea}

That’s it! I love DIY projects that are super easy to do and yet create an awesome looking end product. The only thing that made it a bit difficult is the drying time between coats of paint. I ended up doing the painting over two days so my paint station had to be set up in the garage for that length time and my car had to be parked in the driveway.

The other thing about keeping this project real is that I have no idea how the paint is going to last and how soon the upcycled garden stepping stones will start to look weathered being outside all of the time. But this DIY project was so easy to do that for me it won’t be a problem giving them a fresh coat of paint and a new look if needed.

I also want to recommend a great post I discovered written by Amy at One Artsy Mama Spray Painting Tips And Tricks. Amy has a fabulous tutorial with excellent tips about how to spray paint so you get a nice even coat. So worth the read!

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I would love to hear your thoughts on this project and what other great ideas you have for an upcycled garden stepping stone!

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